Disappearing tickets for open practice

So I went to log on to get my tickets at first they were there
I went to send it to one of my buddies run from Tiger Town
And the next thing is I got an error and they were gone

Has anyone else had this problem
And then there's no staff there to help you today

hmmm, I checked my tix this morning. Two there.

I'll check again now...maybe it was the attempt to transfer?

I was trying send 1 and it Failed

when you logged out and back in, did your tickets re-appear?

NOPE got go to Box-office in the morning

I was having issues getting my ticket since it was on my moms account but luckily I eventually figured out how to transfer it to my Google play account so I can avoid dealing with the box office

Will I know was not the only one who had this Issue
Spoke to Someone ticat cats store who had same problem

Good luck at the box office, Tom. As not all who have tickets will manage to attend, they might let you enter as a "walk-up" under the circumstances due to your technical difficulties. Tell them they can check this thread if they want verification of your situation.

I got in okay just walked up to box office with Letter and ID and Was in
was over Sec 113