Disappearing Private Messages

I was just looking at two new messages in my inbox, and before I could hit the links to open them, they both disappeared. Has anyone else experienced anything similar lately?

It could be that the person/people who sent them deleted them before you had a chance to open them.

I don't know...can you delete a message that you sent from the receiver's inbox? I thought it was like e-mail: once a message is sent it is copied to the recipient's inbox folder. You can delete your own copy, but not theirs.

no it sits in your outbox untill they pick it up

And you can delete it from your outbox at any time.

untill they get picked up at least

I don't know about PM's disappearing but any questioning the bias against saskargo doesn't last long on here.

…your point being?..

Off topic second floor!
Correction look down towards the basement!

So you’re saying PMs are not like e-mail? I guess even at my age, we can learn new things.