dirty underwear

did any other rider fans soil themselves when calgary appeared to recover that onside kick?

...let me check...

I actually felt sick. I was leaning over the edge cause i thought i was gonna puke, and i didn't even drink. I wanted it to be a blowout either way cause i can't handle close games, and it shouldn't have been but at least were in the Final

I was straight up scared.

I was thinking "oh boy, there is a chance we could lose it all" but I still had this inner sense that we would be okay. Turns out, my sense was right but I wonder if it would have been had it not been for the offside call.

I ain't gonna lie, several curses were yelled and a few cushions were thrown in the vicinity of the television set. Its not that i didn't have confidence that we would hold them, you just hate to see them have a shot that late in the game at winning the game. Fortunately they were offside and the riders recovered, I was sure on the edge of my seat for most of that second half! GO RIDERS!