Dirty Player

I noticed that on several occasions that number 5 for the Agos Jermaine Gabriel was either late in on a tackle or last to get off a downed Ticat and was called for rough play for kneeing a Hamilton player in the head when he was trying to get up.

But I was amazed to see him try to trip Tiquan Underwood after he scored his touchdown. Watch the highlight video on the Ticats site and watch very closely and you will see him trying to kick/trip Underwood. Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me we don't need guys like that in this league.

There are players on every roster that somebody on a different team thinks is dirty. For instance I think the dirtiest player in the CFL is on the Ti-Cats 6 day list, I am sure there are very few who would list their pick for a dirty or dirtiest player as one coming off their teams roster.

I have in the past.

Shea Emry, Chip Cox, and Tyron Brackenridge are some names that come to mind.

Both Emery and Mitchell played for the Argos and that didn't change my low opinion of either and I was glad to see them go.


Probably Norwood.

Johnny Sears ?

I resent that. Huge O’Neil just has a big hobo beard. He keeps it quite clean, thank you very much!

kickers are all the dirtiest players, because the rest of the team never lets them into the showers :wink:

I have said in the past that a player on my team is the dirtiest in the league. Adriano Belli, though I enjoyed his off-field antics (when he was a Ticat; not as an Al or Argo) was an embarrassment to me when he played here. When the players piled up on the line of scrimmage, you can be pretty sure he was at the bottom of the pile, swinging his fist at someone's crotch.

And back in the old days, Keith Baker, poking someone in the eyes à la Moe Howard.

Jimenez when he played for the Lions . Once observed him winding up and punching another lineman square in the back of the leg. Mind you when I seen Califf Mitchell break the arm of a Eskimo lineman he may rank at the top.

What is a 6 day list?

I think he meant 6 game IL. That's why I mentioned Sears as the player who he might be referring to from the Cats,although I don't think that Sears is a dirty player at all.

And appropriately he was ejected from his final CFL game.

Heh, seriously though

Dirtiest players


These guys

I think you're in the minority here, though I respect the objectivity. I find that most fans are unable to take off their homer goggles when it comes to assessing who's dirty league-wide. I also feel that fans need to understand that certain positions are going to be singled out because they involve point-of-contact with offensive players the most, and are thus caught more frequently on camera. I'm talking, of course, of linebackers. Linebackers are taught to play on the edge, to hit the crap out of anything that moves; most frequently, they're making contact with running backs on a tackle or rushing the QB on a blitz, both of which are going to be caught by the camera almost every time. So of course there's a high proportion of linebackers whom fans think are dirty, when really it's just the nature of their job and the fact that the spotlight is on them. On any given play in the trenches, there are all kinds of shenanigans going on between O-linemen and D-linemen, but because the camera isn't usually on them, it doesn't stick in the minds of most fans.