Dirty Player

II noticed that on several occasions that number 5 for the Agos Jermaine Gabriel was either late in on a tackle or last to get off a downed Ticat and was called for rough play for kneeing a Hamilton player in the head when he was trying to get up.

But I was amazed to see him try to trip Tiquan Underwood after he scored his touchdown. Watch the highlight video on the Ticats site and watch very closely and you will see him trying to kick/trip Underwood. Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me we don’t need guys like that in this league.

I noticed #5 also... very dirty player. Almost as bad as Chip Cox.

certainly was a kick and or trip attempt..

half of the UR penalties came from Arhol players being allowed to just lay on Banks or Tasker. Banks especially was targeted

Absolutely agree this player Jermaine Gabriel was trying to intentionally injure the Tiger-Cat player and should be dealt with by the CFL and fined.

Also Steve Foxcroft head of Officials yesterday did an extremely bad job of officiating yesterdays game, how can their be a fight and scuffle with two teams and clearly the Argo players were just as involved in the fight and three penalties get handed out all to Tiger-Cat players, talk about BS referees.

I thought at least Steve was a good guy when it came to officiating and fair when he made his calls, now I realize he is in the same boat with Kim Murphy and Andre Priue just another idiot ref of the CFL, paid to do a job and lousy at it!!!

I may be in the minority here, but I actually believe that Proulx is probably the best Referee in the League right now. At least, he leads the best TEAM of Officials...

Re: # 5.

Someone needs to send him a "message" to clean up his act. If it is a Ticat player they should check to see if he is wearing a jock in the most logical way.

:P :P :P

Lets hope the Ticats send that footage to to league because my guess is neither the leauge nor the Agro coaches would like that type of pure bush league type of play. You really have to be insecure about your own abilities when you stoop to trying to kick other players on purpose

The problem is that the officials didn't catch the Argos messing with Banks at the bottom of a pile away from the ball, they only caught Banks retaliating afterward, and the Ticat player who came to defend him. The way I saw it, it should have been offsetting penalties between Banks and the instigating Argo, and one additional penalty against the third man in the initial skirmish (a Ticat).

Even though the officials called it wrong, it's hard to fault players for protecting Banks when the officials miss extracurricular attacks against him.

100percent in agreement

That was definitely a dirty move. It was quite clear in the replay up on the big screen. It seemed to go unnoticed by many.

I did like the "teamwork" between the 2 players that tackled the moron who decided to run out onto the field. That's the second time this year...