That was clearly a head shot and intentional on Kevin Glenn, i was hoping someone would kick the Esks players teeth down his throat. It was intentional and late and i see a suspension coming soon. As for the scrum at the bottom of the pile, i saw one Bomber grab an Eskimo by the Jersey, YET I saw one Eskimo twist a facemask right around and 2 more Eskimos throwing punches in the pile.

This will be reviewed and there will be more suspensions upcoming against the Esks, as for Picard and Bryant, GOOD FOR THEM STANDING UP FOR THERE TEAMATES. I alway's thought BC was the dirtiest team in the league, now i believe it's the ESKIMO'S. AND don't make excuses for your team about trailing in the game at that point, it was less than a touchdown difference. Heat of the moment, another poor excuse, they were within reach of the Bombers and still showed there dirty side, if every team acted like THE ESKS in the heat of the moment, there would be 10 times more scraps and it shouldn't even come down to that when your losing by a huge margin.

The ESKS have no control and are on there way back to the basement of the WEST, well deserved, can't wait until the Bombers beat you good again on your home turf. I predict the ESKS losing to CGY or SASK in the first round, i predict CGY going to the GC (sorry rider fans, you just don't have the quarterback this year). I am not saying the Bombers will be in the Grey cup, BUT THEY ARE THE HOTTEST TEAM IN THE CFL, SO YOU NEVER KNOW. T.O will lose in the first round again to WPG, then BC will give WPG a run for there money, but the Bombers will prevail, it's beating THE ALS that will be tough.


...I'm mad as hell at the hit on Glenn...that was clearly a shot to the head.....with intention....if there's not a suspension after reviewing that ....then its open season on qbs.....Ricky better have some super fleet feet in the next one... :thdn: :thdn: :twisted:

And now, boys and girls, for the definition of a "troll", allow me to present davedude here................

Wow, posting a respose to a thread that is almost 2 months old, get a life Dave!!!
Oh and by the way the Esks are not headin to the GC yet, still have to beat Montreal on there Turf, which is highly unlikely!!

well obviously davedude's post has been removed, i can recall him sayong "wahhhhhhhh stop whining cause the ESKS are going to the GC" well something along those lines, trolling around as usual, and my response was they neede to get by MTL and THAT IT WAS HIGHLY UNLIKELY ..... Now i can laugh at you, cause your trolling did nothing and you're Esks lost to the ALS as i stated they would and it is just gonna get worse in the "City of No champions". :wink:

....troll, that's me...