Dirty hit or not you be the judge! (merged)

ok, he clearly hit him helmet to helmet, why else would his helmet fly off? the same thing happend to mike quinn. helmet in the chin. and i think both were dirty hits. i dont see why an arm to the helmet is a penalty, but a helmet(something that could cause serious injury) is not. thats stupid. now both Quinn and Wynn are injured because of hits like these.

however i dont think they were done on purpose or anything like that. i think they went to go tackle the QB and it just happend. ive had many experiances where i go to tackle somebody and i knee then in the chest or elbow them in the face. these kinds of things happen. i doubt that either of the hits were on purpose.

I disagree Hindsight is 20/20 .... if there is gameclock left, why not try and score. A QB can get injured anytime ... should havebeen a penalty although I don`t know if schultz intended to injure

re-Ah yes - it was Austin's fault, it was Clemons, fault.
Not clemons Fault -Austins- He is the OC, they were on their own side of the field 40 yd line? seconds to go in the half, on the road. they lined up for short yardage, SASK D loaded up in the box, What else could be expected to happen, (5 against 7 at least. Austin should be fired for that call. To clemons credit later in the game he made sure crouch wasnt going to to anything stupid, Clearly overstepping Austin.

It is not a dirty hit. Spurgeon had his head right up until the time he saw Perry coming towards him, then he ducked his head and Schutlz caught him from the blindside. Ive seen worse hits than that, and if the Argo bench thought it was dirty hit, then why didnt they say anything? The back who let Schultz go untouched should have at least made some sort of a block on him to slow his progress down. It also looks like his chin strap is not done up, thus making the helmet fly off easily. Its the loose chin strap that makes the hit look worse than it actually was, but I dont think it was Schultz's intent to injure Wynn.

PS- When this video first starts, there is a official who is right behind Wynn, so if it was a helmet to helmet hit, he would have thrown the flag. If anyone had the best angle to see that play it would be him. We can look at it all we want, but the official is where he should have been , and if anyone has the bird's eye view of that play , it is him.

I am sure the league will review the hits on Wynn & Quinn. The fact there were not penalties does not mean there should not have been i.e Ivory.

However, if the league finds differently, then we have reasons for concern. For now we should be willing to give them the credit of the doubt.

We have become more vocal or is this year that much different? Just seems there are so many games where the refs who are supposed to be transparent have become larger than life.

Greg Frers said it best at halftime "Football is a very violent game."
No kidding, eh? Holy sh*t, I thought that his head was coming off along with the helmet. Hoping for a speedy recovery Spurgeon so you can get back in there.

That was directly helmet to helmet, and any one not seeing that is only kidding and lying to themselves. One could even argue that it looks like he was intending to injure Wynn IMO.

i thought Damon was sposed to be coming back, anyone know when the big debute is?

There have been reports that he may not be back until after the BC game.

I said it as soon as the hit took place and I will say it again. Kent Austin, as good a QB as he was, should be FIRED!! There is no excuse for calling that play with no time left in the half when up by 15 points. That was the 5th sack of the first half!! There was a very good chance, especially with that call that keeps the football in his hands that much longer, that he was going to get hit. There was no way of knowing it would be that hard, but that is the nature of a sack.... they are often hard. This is not a Rider fan opinion, this is a football fan opinion.... Fire Austin. Dirty hit or not doesn't matter. And for the record, I don't think it was illegal, but that could be bias. But it definitely was a dirty attempt to injure Wynn, it was an unfortunate incident.

Go Riders!!

[quote="redwhite2005"]Review this clip and then vote

I was a penalty but not a dirty hit I believe. kinda like some high sticks in hockey unfortunate and unintentional but not a penalty

sorry it should have stated that it was a penalty

I dont think anyone is to "blame" ...schulz likely should have hit Wynn lower and not helmet first but I doubt it was intentionally done to hurt Wynn. It should have been a penalty. Whoever said that Schultzs helmet hit Wynns shoulder first is splitting hairs..even if it did slighty the main contact was helmet to helmet

LOL, no doubt about it Hf. The riders are an amatuerish organization at best, and a classless organization run by low life losers at worst. A guy on their team gets charged with aggravated assault for spreading HIV to unsuspecting women, and the riders say no problem. They let him play until the media finds out. KK is charged with aggravated assault for beating up a bouncer, and the riders have no problem with it. He's their starting running back. They take out a QB with a dirty cheap shot. No problem. Their inbred fans dump raw manure on the lawn of their kicker when he misses in the playoffs. What a backwards, hick filled province. They'll chear for criminals until they are hoarse, but if anybody does anything against them, they scream bloody murder. Bloody pathetic.

This is a good example of something I was trying to explain on the thread about the Butler hit on Quinn two weeks ago. In that case, , Butler’s facemask is pointing up, so that he can see the target. That is a good hit the way it is taught. In this case, Schultz’s facemask is pointing down, which makes initial contact happen with the crown of his helmet. It doesn’t matter what body part he hits first, it was a spear, and therefore illegal.

First that nasty hit on DD last week, then this!
Saskatechewan "Rough" Riders??
Turns my stomach :thdn:

How do you call that hit on DD nasty, is he sposed to slow down and not hit him, it was clearly legal The Schultz hit was technically a penalty cause it was helmet on helmet but wynn turned his body right b4 he was gonna hit him in the shoulder pad. Nice Clean Hit Schultz!! :rockin:

some folks just dont know anything bout football

Suck it up princess! The hit on DD was as clean as can be. You do realize this is a contact sport don't you?

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you fall into category number 3.