Dirty hit or not you be the judge! (merged)

Review this clip and then vote


LOL, how do you guys get these clips so soon after the game is over??? Anyways, you can watch that clip as many times as you want. The top of Shultz's helmet hit Wynn square in the face mask, which is what made it fly off with such velocity. You can hit a QB in the head with your forearm, and get a 15 yard major penalty. And the refs don't call one where it was a helmet to the head??? Hard to figure out the rules, with this level of inconsistency. But it was a cheap shot, to be sure.

It seems a rider fan dropped by with out commenting! When I first saw the hit I thought it was clean. But after watching it a few times it clearly shows a helmet to helmet hit. The refs must not have seen it thus no infraction! But this happens and is part of the game,

Nice an legal, just like the first time i saw "THE HIT",Schultz's timing was perfect, solid follow through, hits don't get any better then that,hi-lite of the game........GO RIDERS GO

So helmet to helmet is not illegal hmmm! Deflated I am disappointed in you!

I watched the clip a number of times, and it looks to me like Schulz's helmet first made contact with Wynn's upper arm, then as Wynn started to go down and he flew overtop of him, the two helmets made contact.

Spergon Wynn isn't the only one who needs his head examined after that hit: Pinball needs to take some tests as well. That was a dumb coaching move any way you look at it, putting your QB at risk on the last play of the half like that. You're winning, and aren't likely to score on that last play. Take a knee for crying out loud.

BD, thats what I thought but watch closely Shultz's helmet does not hit the shoulder area it is Wynns helmet!

BigDave, you've explained "THE HIT" and the results of, better than i ever could ,When you have a man of Schultzes physical presence charging full tilt and teeing off on some poor out of his element QB, the results are going to be gruesome,as they were,Schultz vs. Wynn, helmet vs. upper chest = carnage........GO RIDERS GO

i dont think it was dirty he put his head down to make the sack it was unfortunate but it was a hit but if u look at it when schultz put his head down wynns head was up and no where near but when SS comes closer wynn tucks his head in.

Helmet to Helmet!

I watched the replay numerous times, both on TV and on here. Every time I've seen it, it is clear to me that the initial contact was to Wynn's upper arm. If your TV or monitor allow you to see it more clearly, then you may be right. But I can only go by what I've seen, and from what I've seen it's a clean hit.

Besides, consider how often, even after a PERFECTLY CLEAN hit to the QB, a brawl ensues. If one of the players thought Schultz took a cheap shot, eleven guys would have piled on top of him; yet there wasn't even any pushing and shoving.

Clearly not a dirty hit, Wynn sees Perry barroling down on him turns to avoid direct contact meanwhile Shultz already has his head down and Spergon lined up, plus i slowed it down even further kinda hard to tell from the angle but it does seem as if initial contact was made on the shoulder pad/chest area. Can't imagine what it would be like if it was direct helment to helment :expressionless: they would still be on Taylor Field trying to get Wynns head out of the helmet!

What are the D linemen supposed to do? Austin is to blame for calling that play with seconds left in the half!

No its football last time i checked its a contact sport. What is the d lineman do with a mobile QB like Wynn. He had to do it.

Like i posted a million times before blame that crappy o-line. Argos management are obsessed with high priced skill position. To win in football you better have a well rounded team. Maybe there luck will change when Allen comes back.

Put up a poll

Which place is scariest?

  1. living in lebanon.
  2. under center behind the Argos offensive line.

My answer: Give me Lebanon.

how is that a dirty hit? he hit him on the shoulder man. im pretty sure he wasnt intentionally meaning to hit him head to head when your comming that hard at someone you dont really have much time to think you know?? i think that was a good hit and i think anyone else in the league would have did the same thing.

agree... he hit his shoulder first..the follow thru from impact then hit his helmet... give yer heads a shake... Shultz is not a dirty player and even talked to Pinball after the game..SOMETHING which Micheal Oshea And AJ Gass never did when they blantly intended to injury.

Cheap? - NO
Dirty? - questionable
Illegal? - absolutely

From the CFL Rules posted on this site:
Section 2, Article 3(f):
A player shall be penalized for any act of unnecessary roughness against an opponent, including but not limited to: # Using the helmet to butt, ram or spear an opponent, including but not limited to, a passer, a receiver in the act of catching a pass, a ball carrier in the grasp of another tackler, or a ball carrier on the playing surface not attempting to advance.

Nobody can deny that Schultz led with the helmet, whether he initially caught Wynn in the head or not. Don't be surprised if the league is looking at this and action taken against Shultz.

Clearly a head to head hit!
I thought NFL officiating was bad. The officials blew several calls in this game.

Hopefully they get reviewed as NFL officials do & can get their mistakes corrected before others get hurt.

The touchdown by Joseph was NOT a touchdown either.
His wearing white shoes & officials poor eyesight accounted for that one.
You could clearly see the sole of his shoe come down out of bounds.
The officials were looking at the top of his shoe which made it so you couldn't tell.
But if you watch closely you can see the dark on the bottom of his shoe come down on the line.

Also what was with the terrible camera angles? If your gonna have reviews you better get more cameras on the sidlines.
There was only one decent shot of the Joseph "touchdown". With no shot down the sideline.

Darren Flutie is a terrible announcer, period!

Just a neutral view from a U.S. fan that watched the game on CBC.

Ah yes - it was Austin's fault, it was Clemons, fault.


You're being dense.

It was a dirty hit, helmet-to-helmet.

Wake the hell up, Bozo!

Can’t reason with some people. Even after their sister gets passed HIV, their brother gets beat up working a bar. They will defend the leadership of that team.

Now if you throw manure on their lousy kicker’s lawn you can expect a criminal record…LOL

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