Dirty Birds - GDT

.... :lol: :lol: ...it sounds like a race to the bottom bowlerdude.....but you and Kubie are right....we have a sliver of a chance...BUT i wonder ,of the three loser amigos on the bottom. who's gonna come out on top ...With our stats. i know we have a case for being the best of the worst... Hall and his gang....Wally and his losers are probably shooting for a high pic in the 2011 draft....should we????? :lol: Seriously though...we have the makings of a good team...taking the time to get there is a frustrating road...Stay the course i guess and hope for the best...We all know how to do that well.. :thup: :wink:

I would like to see a game with all of our receivers in action. Our coaching has made mistakes but maybe they will learn from them. I just can give up on another year just now. Once we can play well enough to negate the stupid refs we could be in for a good finish.

However, this year's games sure can be disastrous on the liver.