Dirtiest Player(s)

At the risk of being accused of skookism (I'm not sure either), if the CFL had an award for the dirtiest player, who would it be. I am putting in my vote for Johnny Sears of the Bombers.

Why? I haven't seen anything yet that would be in the Jimieze status.

This topic comes up every season. :lol:

Yes it does Chief, but not with Skookism…

Yes and as with every CFL Award, there is a different one each year. I assume you mean Jiminez?

John Helton punished players- dirty under the radar Don Luzzi of Calgary

tigre williams

The Chief. That guy is the worst.

Boy FYB your hitting it hard tonight.

The only thing FYB is hitting hard tonight is the bottle.

The thread should be renamed to "Dirtiest Player Who Doesn't Play For My Team, Because If He Did, I Would Justify His Actions With My Dying Breath."

naah, I hated bertuzzi even before the moore incident. Also hate Rob Murphy and Jiminez as lions.

I did like tigre William and bobby clarke tho :oops:

Now we’re getting deep into it - Big Moose Dupont :rockin:

here is a quote from one piece of trash

“Am I dirty?? Murphy says. “To the lay people who tune in to watch me, yeah. But my vision of dirty is trying to intentionally hurt. I never did that. Would I be in piles and grab testicles, and pinch love handles? Is it going to kill anyone??

imagine being so ignorant as to even admit such a thing.

You’re not typical, then. Most fans hate hate the best defensive player of their team’s rival and are also unable to separate position from dirty. Unsurprisingly, linebackers get vilified the most often, because their job is to hit the ball-carrier in space. But some of the dirtiest play takes place in the trenches, between O-linemen and D-linemen, away from the camera…

This year the nominees for the 2014 Matt Cooke memorial award, for dirtiest player in the CFL are

Johnny Sears - Winnipeg Blue Bombers (General douchebaggery)
Shea Emery - Toronto Argonauts (General douchebaggery)
Odell Willis - Edmonton Eskimos (Concussing Zach Collaros needlessly, signing under dubious means)
Jerrell Gavines - Ottawa RedBlacks (Hitting QB bellow the knees)

I don’t know who I’d pick as a winner though. Craig Butler almost made the list, if I could actually find out why the heck he was fined last week. He has a history of leading with his head on hits.

This season though has been pretty tame on this front though.

Of all time, Khalif Mitchell without question. His arm wrench, racist remarks, history of dirty play and his Toronto report to camp cements him in my eyes as one of the all time dirtiest CFL players.

Bear Woods :stuck_out_tongue: Those dreads are dirty :x :lol:

Unfair to label " the mayor of Commonwealth" as a dirty player I think his hit was totally unintentional but did hit his helmet . Paid his price and is not a repeat offender.

Odell Willis is not dirty and never been.

He HAS been immature in the past but not anymore.

No dirty list is complete without Diamond Ferri. Never liked that guy.

Jamall Johnson used to often take things too far. He's behaved much better in recent years.

Chip Cox is never afraid to hit a guy late or out of bounds.

Tough to see the real dirty stuff in the trenches so I know that a lot of guys are getting missed, but I have seen Greg Wojt do some nasty things to defenders facemasks.

Wally Buono as a coach and GM over the years condoning and defending dirty players on his roster. I found it disgusting when he went to bat for Jimenez when Jimenez deliberately crippled Gargiarulo behind the play (ending his career). He also had Khalif's back with all of his antics a couple of years ago.

And I know I'm going to get completely crapped on but Nik Lewis has always been a total prick. Puts a helmet on Kelly Wiltshire's knee ending his career, then has the gaul to tweet that the Lions DBs are dirty because they tackle low. Then one of the worst plays I've ever seen, earholes Adam Leonard - AND DOES A PIPESHOW OVER THE TWITCHING BODY! And he was lauded by fans and media as delivering a great block. Great block sure if you consider how cowardly it was. Fuck Nik Lewis.

Or Hugh O’Neill’s beard. Jeez you could hide a 13th player in the huddle in there.