Directions to Chez Paree for Stamps players

Just to make it easy for Stamps players to get ready for Montreal:

Chez Paree:

[url=] ... index.html[/url]

and to make it easyer heres is a map for their convenience. (21 minutes walk)

[url=,45.509187,-73.579594%3B8250322331314992424,45.494960,-73.617590&saddr=Avenue+des+Pins+O+%4045.509187,+-73.579594&daddr=1254+stanley+street,+montreal&mra=pr&mrcr=0&sll=45.501534,-73.60312&sspn=0.01537,0.026436&ie=UTF8&ll=45.504091,-73.577414&spn=0.01537,0.026436&z=15] ... 26436&z=15[/url]

Opens at 3pm till 3am !

Have fun :smiley:

...this is good info, I'll bookmark it...

They can also check out the Just for laughs festival on St-Denis Street (Berri-Uqam metro):

Plenty of bars, pubs and terrasses. A great place to have a beer while taking in the pleasant sights of a hot July night...

Also good info for anyone going to the Grey Cup in November. And by anyone I mean me.

I went to Chez Paree when I was in Montreal years ago.

Nice place.

If you're going there from stateside, just one piece of advice: take plenty of singles (U.S. $1.00 bills).


years ago the US singles were worth more!

It doesn't matter.

The ladies will take a US$1.00 bill over a Loonie anyday.


If they do then we know why they do what they do for a living

Loonie or dollar bill. Giving an EE a buck is a good way to be ignored or laughed at pretty quick....

HfxTC, i'm disapointed in you...

Club Super Sexe is much closer to McGill stadium :wink:

You just have to walk south on University street when getting out of the stadium, turn right on Ste-Catherine...and Bang...big NEON flashing sign...

Once they've seen enough they could go to the Downtown, Chez Paree or even Wanda's.

If it wasn't for all the stupid french rules in Montreal.... I'd sell my condo and move there (atleast for the summers)
Too bad I'd be lucky to make 10 dollars an hour there because aside from Tabranack and colese de crease..... I don't speak a lick of French.
There is no better city in North America to spend a summer in then Montreal.... Furthermore.... If you sit at a bar table by yourself for more then an hour.... WOMEN ACTUALLY APPROACH YOU!!!!!
In Vancouver you could look like Ashton Kutcher and if you sat at a bar table by yourself for a hundred years....NO GIRLS...even the fat and ugly ones WOULD NEVER approach you ...... It's amazing anyone gets laid in Vancouver the way people pretend they're to cool for's pathetic really.

I have news for you buddy......Even if you include still don't speak a word of French! :wink:

Is that the one which displays posters of nude women outside of its' establishment?

I would like to visit Montreal more frequently...especially when the Als are playing at home (would like to catch a home game one day). As for the women...WOW!...they're all over.