What should Caretaker do to clean up this mess.Fans Opinions

thing i'm worried about is the stay of implosion for another week and team puts in a effort fri in the peg.just to save their jobs.
no more chances and no more false hopes.there is a big problem with the makeup and character of this team and the blame has to divided from the top, coaches and players. this team (on paper) has too much skill to be this bad.

It's between Mike Ditka and Greg Marshall?? With those choices, I'd pick Will Farrell at this point (no slag on Marshall).

Obviously if things do not change by the Labour Day game, we will be playing out the string. My hope is that a Charlie Taaffe-quality coach will be hired and that the entire coaching staff be reshaped to reflect a sea change in attitude around IWS.

We may have entered into a phase where it's audition time for 2007. We have talent on this team, some glaring weaknesses, and the need for a coaching overhaul. I will support the hiring of an experienced pro coach with some concept of the Canadian game and the direction that person brings to the table.

Oski Wee Wee,

None of the above.

Our offence continually shows they have no direction and are poorly coached. I never would have thought this, based on what I had seen from Pao Pao over the years. Where did this stuff come from???

Our defence has played fairly well the past 3 weeks. 29 points in this league SHOULD have you win, or at least be right in the thick of things. These guys were on the field the whole night (at least it seemed like it).

Except for our skill positions on's the line and coaching that has to change. Too late for this season, but let's get better in the winter.

Hire Taafe now and let him evaluate the team for the rest of the season so we win consistently next year.

(show host);who'd win?
coach ditka or a hurricane?

(contesant); that's an easy one coach ditk....

(host);hold on hold on,,,,the name of the hurricane.. is "hurricane ditka"

(contestant);oh boy that's a tough one

None of the above.
In my "Dear Caretaker" post I suggested keeping Ron Lancaster and firing Reed, Erdman and Pao Pao. These people just cannot do the job. How much worse can it get? If we can have an interim coach we can also have interim offensive, defensive and special teams coaches. Let them go crazy for the rest of the season and at least let the team go out fighting instead of self destructing.
I can't wait for a tough new head coach who will bring in his own equally tough and competent people as assistants.

I won't vote on this one because I don't like the choices.

bring back beckman

The Bears… Funny Poll :o :lol:

Re Onknight- It was intended to be funny, there was another option but it didnt make the list?? - censord(sp) :lol:

Why do you guys always run to Bob? There are a bunch of guys paid six figure to coach and make plays.

Ticat GM Rob Katz acquired some very good players over the off-season but their talents are not being used to full advantage. Statistically speaking, Jason Maas, Corey Holmes, and Josh Ranek are having subpar seasons compared to what they have achieved on other teams. For example, Jason Maas had never thrown more interceptions than touchdowns in any of his CFL seasons prior to this year. Corey Holmes had a 15.2 yard punt return average with Saskatchewan last year but only had a 3.9 yard punt return average with the Ticats prior to last night’s game. And Josh Ranek’s lowest rushing average in a CFL season was 4.8 yards per carry but he only has a 2.5 yard average per carry with the Ticats this year. These players have not all become less talented than they were last year. It has to come down to coaching and preparation.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have proven that a team can gel quickly with the right coaching and preparation. I agree with oski-oui-oui, ticatsackattack and mr62cats that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats need to identify and hire their new head coach as soon as possible to begin to move this team in a winning direction.

My idea: the search "list" for a coach is great and all, but let's be clear here. If people are clearly out there who are available and have the credentials to get things righted, they should be hired ASAP.

I believe that Charlie Taaffe would be a fine coach, as would my personal choice, Rich Stubler of the Argos. If Taaffe is committed to coming back to Canada and coach the Cats in 2007, it may be in the team's best interest to secure him with a contract to that effect and allow him to work with the scouting staff to evaluate our current roster and scout prospects for next season.

The GM question is a tough one. i like the moves Rob Katz made to bring Corey Holmes and Jason Maas to Hamilton, but I feel if a more seasoned football mind is available, that should also be looked at seriously. Eric Tillman would be one such possibility if the Cats chose to move in another direction. The remainder of the season should be used to monitor Katz and the football operations side as we try to correct glaring weaknesses on the team (punter and O-line especially).

If Taaffe is ready to jump, we should provide a soft landing and get him in to work on 2007 while the team continues to salvage the 2006 campaign in some way. My two centimes.

Oski Wee Wee,

how about we try to poach the Don outta montreal?

Re espo -how about we try to poach the Don outta montreal?

Great idea, he is the #1 Coach in PRO football. but there is no way he will be available is there?

Step 1: ask montreal permission to talk to him and see if he'll leave

Step 2: show up with a truck full of money

Step 3: Sit back and watch the number in the ticats win column increase.

Its not just The Don its the whole organization.

Matthews is staying put, IMHO.

probably, but still.... bob, try the truck full of money idea, wouldya?