direction of the team.

:roll: i thought when bob young took over this club they would move up and move up fast.The ti-cats are starting to resemble the disaster that is right accross the border the buffalo bills! since the ti cats have fired coaches, gm's lets NOW START TO LOOK AT THE OWNER AND THE PLAYERS!!!!!! THA'S WHERE THE REAL PROBLEM LIES!!!!!!!!!!

ti cats have the best owner in sports. Now the players, thats another matter.

[b]Today Mr Bob Young officially graduated to Level 2 of CFL Ownership. And no doubt if we could view his report card we would see he passed with honours , "Tough Decision" with an A+, "Damage Control" A, and "Public Approval" A.

Up next? Level 3, removing R Lancaster of all of his duties at seasons end. [/b]