Dinwiddie's Clock Up

Frankie in the Toronto Sun had a good article Sunday relating to HC Dinwiddie's questionable call with 45 seconds left. Makes me wonder though about his assistants. A lot of veteran presence there and they didn't speak up? Even I was yelling "what are you thinking". Other Head Coaches often seem to have one of the assistants beside them all the time, maybe acting as a bench coach (using a baseball term) to help The Boss. I expect Chris Jones would have known but apparently said nothing. Hmmmm I know Ryan as a rookie HC may want to make everybody aware he is The Boss, but IMO he should have one of assistants close at hand to help make sure nothing like what happened is missed. The hair pull miss on Decloud in the Montreal game was another case where at least one of the assistant coaches should have caught it.


Every CFL coach has messesd up the time clock
Trestman was notorious. Wally too.

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Yup... with 45 seconds left I went to go crack a brew and turn over some stuff baking in the oven ...came back to the Elk having the ball...was at a total loss as to what took place until i re-wound the live action...what a bunch of boneheads on the argo sideline

Well if you saw the Elk with the ball when you came back I'd say you succeeded in Cracking the brew or 3 but who knows what happened to the food. :smiley:


I ate it 5 minutes later. Home made chicken wings

you'd think Dinwiddie, he of several years experience being a CFL back-up & clipboard caddy would know how the CFL clock works and various scenarios with under a 1 minute remaining and the opponent in possession of a time-out.
Yet, apparently he didn't.
He obviously doesn't want lower-paid assistants cluttering his mind on the sidelines - so he whiffed on the process and has egg all over his face.
No matter how arrogant Mr. D is (gotta have a nickname for him) he's still learning how to balance the massive number of things going on in a CFL game. He may now be a bit too BIG PICTURE - starting to miss the little things like the hair-pull, etc. but he's absorbing information. Mr. D is a quality young CFL coach. If the Argo's organization "Rod-Blacks" him after the season - I think he'll find work easily; either as a CFL head coach, an OC or a Tier 2 NCAA coach.

And heck - if he chooses to pursue another dream he could latch onto a struggling NFL franchise as their 2nd or 3rd offensive assistant and work his way up the ladder in 4 or 5 years.


Not everyone who was a good player makes a good coach....

Dinwiddie needs more years as an assistant or co-ordinator before he should qualify as a head coach....

NFL??? Are you kidding????


Hufnagel, Hank & o-line Bob were all itinerant NFL assistants. Levy & Trestman even got lengthy trials as NFL head coaches.

See no reason Ryan Dinwiddie couldn't catch on w/ NFL - but way down the coaching food chain.