Props to Ryan...gutsy effort today. Impressed me. The kid's got heart.

I turly respect his ability and will to play through the injury. and i have loved his heart, passion, and devotion to this team.

Let's not understate it. Some might say Khari Jones undertaking the threshold to play with pain. However, I have never witnessed a qb in Bomber colors do what Widdie did today. Widdie will be remembered for that.

(*Are we saying 'ability' is measured in playing injured?) I think Widdie has talent, but all he did was prove what courage one must have. Again - nothing can be understated here.

Sad thing is they might have Ryan in if Glenn can't play looks like a replay from last year, as lousy as this team has played this year they always stay with Glenn? can't figure that one out, Ryan should have got some playing time this year, they better make some changes next year, still think Glenn has to go before this team will improve, we all know they should not be in the playoffs and who's fault is that, no big changes all year. Would be funny if they met the Riders in the final again though :slight_smile:

i thought the injury was his none throwing hand, and by the time he got hurt. and the fact we do have second place their was no reason to play him

Why is Glenn still the starter? Dinwiddie has proved he has more heart and soul with the bombers than glenn. I could not believe what I was seeing after getting hurt and having to hop to the sidelines he still refused to leave the game. He also proved he can run better than Glenn even with a hurt ankle. I hope hes alright though, we are going to need him.

At this point, compared to last season, we are much - much different. I wouldn’t use the term “better”. We’re just not the same as last season. Judging by yesterday’s performance, the Als were the team to beat - until.

I agree to the statement that he has more heart and soul then most players in the league. but in the game of fotball or any sport heart isn't going to make you a great player everytime. he is highly devoted, and loves to play. But glenn is still a better quarter back in the pocket then ryan ever will be, and has a much stronger arm. its is only a matter of time before the bombers start randall over dinwiddie or let him go.

Watch the highlights against his first calgary game and tell me he doesnt have a arm. What does Glenn do in the pocket he waits waits waits gets sacked. The only thing glenns good at is quarterback sneaks il give him that.

ya and did u see the highlights of the next 2 games after. well i'll remind you he got lit up and flunked out. i know he can put up a deep ball that i can;t argue to much. but he doesn;t have the quick release powerful arm. that is more important then putting up a deep ball.

even quinto porter out threw cavillo in the game with the most completions leading hamilton to a win and then got smoked the week after. i do like ryan's devotion, spirit, and heart but again not enough.

now randall looked good so far, and given more reps will e the best qb the club has signed as a rookie