This guy does hold the record for highest qb efficiency in NCAA history. With the way the Bombers D and special teams have been playing we still have a great shot at the Grey Cup.

Don't forget about that guy in your pic. The west doesn't stand a chance! :wink:

BD, you gotta shrink down your sig pic...

Hey BD, is that a real pic or has it been photoshopped? If it's real, it's awesome! :smiley:

ya cheif it is really. david asper was one iof the guys who got to meet the D.L in the recent past and he sent a letter and got permission by tibetan officials to have the D.L sign a ball and halmet. He wrote victory to the blue bomers in tibetan on both.

.....he's going to have to ride on Ryans shoulder next week....so far so good...go D.L.

He is a very accurate passer, and there is no time to change things on offense for him. Just gonna have to let him go at it.

I have full confidence in Dinwiddie. All they have to do is play like they did today on Defense and Special teams and we will be good.

Give Charlie the ball, and pre pare for another upset.

Go bombers, do it for Stegall!!

Dont give bombers D too much credit. Argos shot themselves time after time. Any defense would have been effective against them today.

Its not even today though, thjey played amazing last week aswell.

They are building consistancy, and thats what we will need going into the GC.

Our D is just as good as BC's or Saskatchewan's. And they will have to be even better next week. But BC will be lucky to play them, they are not looking to impressive right now....

our d was one of the best due to our front 7, and judging by todays performance can easily tango with the best and win.

ryan dinwiddie threw the ball very well for stepping in when he did. I have beleived in my team before the season began that they could take it this year and i still believe. our super strength offence will form behind dinwiddie and take the GC home for stegall, and glenn.

Oops... Sorry.

We have the Dalai Lamma on our side, VICTORY TO THE BOMBERS.

What if the Pope endorses the Riders? :wink:

lol - you didn’t have to get rid of it, BD…now, we gotta get someoneo workin’ on that pope pic…lol

roughriders will win in a route!

lol of the pope is on your side then the heavens will be torn.

i am glad to see you rider fans out in the masses supporting your team, and you ahve the right to be confident.

It'll be a great game until the underdog winnipeg blue bombers take home another GC victory.

Dinwiddie is the type of QB that really concerns me because he hasnt played much, so you dont really know what he is capable of doing, what he brings to the table. The Riders have a history of making guys like him look like Doug Flutie.

I agree with you there sambo.
Dinwiddle is going to shake up the gridiron.
The Bombers offence is pretty stacked with talent already, all Dinwiddle has to do is give the ball to anyone for good yards.
At the end of the game people are going to be asking , " where did this kid from from?"

Bottom line is that the 2 teams that I wanted to see in the playoffs are in the playoffs. Who would have thought that the two teams with the greatest rivalry would ever play each other for a Grey Cup.
History will be made this Sunday, thats for sure and its a win/win situation for everyone.

two sets of fans who really believe in their teams. of course, only one team actually sold out their home playoff game. Whoops! Everyone back on the bangwagon in Winnipeg!