I’m new to the site so please forgive. The Bombers have a real talent in Ryan Dinwiddie if he gets the chance. This kid set every record in 1-A while at Boise State. His work ethic was unbelievable. No one studied more games, plays any anything else that has to do with football. We’re talking everyday you could find him at the athletic complex reviewing plays, games etc. But most of all he has heart and knows how to win. He is a great player and hope to watch him soon.

Career passing 9,819
Career passing TD 82
Single most passing yds in single game 532
Most passing yds in season 4,356
Best eficiency rating in season 188.18

4th in the nation in passing efficiency
7th in the nation in total offense


if he is so good at the Canadian game, don't you think he would be starting by now?

he's good its just every1 think glenn is so good which he's not Dinwiddie has an arm i watched him he was dropping 55 yarders right in mid stride on the numbers it don't get much better than that bomber coaches are retards. i dunno if dinwiddie would do much we have only 3 plays. play1 run up the middle. play2 go to stegall. play 3 get sacked or throw to armstrong

...we won't get a look at Dinwiddie till Glenn is either, injured(hope not).....or 'poops' the bed so bad, that we simply have to have a look at this guy...we already know what Banks is capable of (or incapable of)...It would be interesting to get a look at this kid... :roll:

lol ...don;t forget our other plays....Glenn throws a strike for a touchdown on the first series of plays....then it's two and out for the rest of the quarter and sometimes the rest of the game... :lol: :lol:

I suspect that if we cant catch the Als or Argos for second spot, then we will see Dinwiddie at some point down the stretch, maybe for the last game in BC.

...I sure am curious to see this guy play.....IF....we have the Ham. game in hand tomorrow...i would like to see Glenn come out....and Dinwiddie get a shot....wouldn't hurt to give Banks a few reps. as well....Looks like everyone is going to give the second stringers a look ...so should we... :roll: :rockin: goBigBlue

which Dinwiddie were you watching ? He was throwing ducks all game, not to mention his " bombs " were the Khari type bomb where he tossed it and said a little prayer, remember he had multiple Int's in his first game, I'm sure he'll do better with more practise though, gotta give him a chance. I still say he's better than Banks

lol khari was a great QB in my opion. man winnipegs a terrible town for the Quarter backs. i wouldnt want to play here if i was a QB, thats for sure.

James you are right! I've always found it amusing the way many Bomber fans jump on and off a QB bandwagon so quickly...amusing in a good way, as it shows the fans are passionate about their team.

Last year, in training camp and early in the season, many fans were calling for Tee Martin thinking he was going to be the saviour. In he came, and he stunk. Then they wanted Michna; he wasn't much better. Some were calling for Wynn to play (now that we have seen him play for Toronto this year, we know why he was only 4th string in Winnipeg last year).

This year? Even Berry gave Glenn no free pass and Kevin won it fair and square. But having seen the train wrecks otherwise known as Mike Quinn and Ryan Dinwiddie, let's face it the competition wasn't too scary.

For next year there are a few teams that need to upgrade their backup QB position, and Winnipeg is one of them (along with Montreal, Hamilton, and Toronto).

...right again MadJack.....i know we'll definitely be bringing in someone to challenge for the no. 1 qb. spot...and i think that's healthy....you never get better sitting on a pat hand... :wink:

I agree papa and don't be too surprised to see a major trade to bring a proven,reliable QB to the Peg in the off season. This is a very real possibility!!

Thanks, Dad.


PS : see you at home for thanksgiving.