Dinwiddie to be released

Im liking Chamblin already cause he's doing the right thing!



I know he has given suggestion if you read between the lines, but I have seen nothing concrete. It wouldn't shock me if Ryan was in training camp but did not make the squad...it would increase the intensity level if there were 4-5 guys going after 3 spots.

Looking back on it would we have been better off going with Leak? He didn't really impress at camp but the guy did have a good collage career he had tebow as a back up but anyways back to 2012 I hope we bring in brink the guy has potential

i thought brink looked bad trying to hit the flats...even worse that DD (DD's biggest issue IMO...to much loft on them...a QB coach should help with that...it did before)

I saw it on twitter. Murray McCormick tweeted it around 2pm today.

[url=http://www.riderville.com/article/riders-sign-two-and-release-one]http://www.riderville.com/article/rider ... elease-one[/url]

there.. Dinwiddie Gone! :smiley: :smiley:

. . . and I'll be surprised if we see him in the CFL again. . .

I made a list of moves I wanted to see happen this offseason and Dinwiddie was one of them. We need some young talent behind DD. Next up, trade Cates...?

I don't see that happening. I don't believe that there would be any team in the CFL prepared to trade an asset for a 32 year old running back; his best days are certainly behind him. Frankly, I think it's more likely that he'll be released and that no one will pick him up (unless an injury happens during the course of the season, in which case he might get a look).

WOO! Twitter gets the scoop!

Trade Cates... that would be assuming that someone else would want Cates? (woudn't mind having his experience around, but I don't think he's gonna be the fastest horse we can find)

Ryan Donewiddie I can see never appearing in the CFL again...

nobody wants a 31yr old who cannot play consistently well.

I'd be surprised if he didn't take up coaching. He has a very good football mind, just doesn't have the physical attributes.

Nice guy but glad he's gone, figured he had a bright future after playing in grey cup but he got off slow In 08 and mike Kelly brought in Lefors didn't help but as for Cates I really don't know what to do I know for sure we need to boot some older guys off the line and start the young guns. For running backs we have Foord,(has potential) West (Durant said u can't run the ball 30 times with a guy his size he's a first down back) Bernard (don't know much about him) anyone else?

Yvenson Bernard. Sorry...I love Cates...stand up guy, clas act, good in the community, great with fans, has been a work horse and his name will forever be in Rider history books, but he is a grinder and pounder...he can still play, but he can not be the primary guy. If he is willing to sign on at a reduced rate in a backup capacity...great. Otherwise Yvenson and go after Lee from BC...add some Canadian talent in the backfield. The hardest thing to replace in Cates is that he probably is the best catching RB in the CFL. You can line him up as a WR, then a TE, then a HB...and realistically as a FB if you want. Also, sorry, but running backs are always available...there are piles of guys out of NCAA that never get a crack at any league that are more than capable...simply put there are easily 25 solid RBs graduating every year, and only maybe half will make the NFL. It is tough to find a guy as well rounded as Cates, but take a chance...I believe that the new look Riders will have a little more of a balanced attack...can Cates rush the ball 400 times in season?

Bernard, West, Lee, and maybe some graduated rookie w/o work.

How would Joeffery Reynolds fit in? The guy was doing well in Calgary until he complained to Huff or got injured (I was actually hoping someone could tell me what happened to him) but the guy must've been a good enough pass blocker, hes a big guy and he's only 1 season removed from his 1000 yard rushing season the thing with our other backs with the exception of Cates and our Fullbacks is that they aren't exactly built to be an every down back, last I checked Brandon West is significantly smaller here are the heights and weights of our RBs and Reynolds...

22 Foord, Stuart RB Non-Import 5.11 195 lbs
9 West, Brandon RB Import 5.10 193 lbs.
20 Cates, Wes RB Import 6.00 215 lbs.
24 Bernard, Yvenson RB Import 5.09 196 lbs.
32 Hughes, Neal RB Non-Import 5.10 208 lbs.

21 Reynolds, Joffrey RB 5.10 221 lbs.

If we can get this guy and then have West be a Punt and Kick return and have Stuu and Bernard as backups as well as Hughes at Full back we could have a solid Core there oh and we release which sucks cause hes a class act but he's well past his prime

Love Reynolds, but it is a short term fix...isnt he older than cates?

[url=http://www.canada.com/sports/football/Team+moves+without+Dinwiddie+backup/6024010/story.html]http://www.canada.com/sports/football/T ... story.html[/url]

Good link and as for Reynolds yes short term fix and he may be older but the guy was still performing at a high level until he got benched or injured (still dont know which one) as for Cates he’s been on a decline for the past 2 1/2 seasons now I think if we can get Reynolds for a reasonable 2 year deal and draft a hefty running back or look down south, that could be the plan, I like Foord, Hughes, West and all those guys but I don’t feel they have that starting RB capability to be an every down back and I also like Cates, heck I gotta picture with him in 2008 but there is a time for running backs. And the better running game we have takes pressure off our pass (Durant) which will result in less injuries for our WR/SB ect and keep defenses guessing rather than "well they got 2 yards on that first down run its 2nd an 8 and there probably gonna pass let’s put on a 3 man rush which will somehow beat there aging oline and then we will drop everyone else back and by the end of that play it should be 3rd and 12, an incomplete pass or an interception " cause seriously that’s what I think is going through defensive coordinators minds when they see us “try” to run the ball

I think Reynolds would be look good in Rider Green, although it would only be a short term solution, I believe it would pay off! Give us one or two more years to look for a dominant RB from somewhere. Splitting carries with West might be a good thing to keep them both relatively healthy. Cates I think is done, IMO he has been for the last 2-3 years. I dont know why almost every other team has 2-3 good RBs that seem better then him, but I think that might have to do with our o-line as much as it does with Cates decline.