Dinwiddie starts....

1.0 Based on what? He's shown more desire to tuck the ball and run if there's nothing open this season.

1.1 See above

1.3 Given time, ie, experience, the int ration will drop.

Din's gonna be just fine. His enthusiasm is an intangible that Glenn just does not bring to the table. Blue Eyes will get it done. May not be enough for tonight, but I'd bet he's a big part of turning the season around.

kubie i take your side on this. although last year for the GC they did hold him to strict play calling that experience to me as already shown in his play this year. he is alot more confident in his throwing and is more then willing to tuck the ball and run if nothing opens or he has to escape the pocket.

his abilities have matured, yes he can still make a few bad play calls. but the level of intensity he brings to the huddle can't be beat

The only way for Winnipeg to win is by chewing up the game clock and keeping its defence off the field along with Burris. Utilize Roberts in every way possible.

...the stamps are in for a shock if they think they'll find a sitting duck in the Bomber back-field ala Glenn...and i like the type of defence the stamps are running....suits our receivers fine...goBigBlue :rockin: