Dinwiddie Signed by ... The Riders, Sigh...

Oh my god!

this is just not right.

It's not been reported by the LP or TSN. Is there a source on this?

I know they phoned his agent, but signing him doesn't make any sense. Winnipeg dumped him in favour of Richie Williams. If Williams wasn't good enough for the Riders, why would Dinwiddie, the guy who is not as good as Williams, be any different?

I also heard that the phone call into Dinwiddie's agent came at the request of Bob Wylie, who worked with him in Winnipeg.

Word out of training camp is that DD is showing some leadership and JJ is adjusting well and really starting to shine at camp. Unless Bell or Jyles are REALLY struggling, I don't see them bringing in Dinwiddie.

The title of this thread is either (a) jumping the gun or (b) just plain incorrect.

He hasn't been signed by the Riders; there was a call made, but it looks like it was just a courtesy call:

"The call was apparently placed on Saturday but no offer was made."

[url=http://communities.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/blogs/roughriders/default.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/reginalea ... fault.aspx[/url]

"After practice, coach Ken Miller said they are not considering bringing in free agent QB Ryan Dinwiddie at this time. He says they remain committed to the QBs they have."



Mike Kelly released Dinwiddie because he wanted a more mobile quarterback and he didn't consider him mobile enough. Mike Kelly is a idiot plain and simple and no one around here can stand the guy. He basicaly handed the starting job to Stefan Lefors who has started 6 games and has not won a single game. Dinwiddie was the only quarterback we had that actually won a game. This move made no sense to anyone in Winnipeg. I never thought I would say this but I wish Kevin Glenn was still in blue and gold now that Ryans gone :thdn: .


All i saw from that video is WPG's receivers making some amazing catches and ALOT of field goals.

That was Dinwiddie throwing the ball.... best game he ever played....
Dinwiddie might be okay somewhere, but he was the wrong fit with the Riders at this time.

lol yes i know who it is was, i was reffering to the fact that i didnt want him in ssk. Also i didnt think he played that great, it was his best game BUT, i dont think it was that good. imo

Well, we can all say what we think of the guy.....................and I've never been particularly a Dinwiddie fan............but to give credit where credit is due............he has accomplilshed one thing in his short CFl career that Stefan LeFors hasn't............he has actually won a game as a starter.

That's a good point but Durant has also won games that he started. My point is, I don't think Dinwiddie will bring anything that we don't already have. The four young guys in camp don't seem to display any glaring faults that I can see. At least not anything that should make us want to go get another QB. What they need is a sense of some solid ground under their feet. The belief that they are really going to have an opportunity to develope into CFL QBs. We all read what Tate had to say about the years he spent in Saskatchewan. Maybe he is a whiner but i think it must be really terrible for a young guy when he has a sense that the coaches don't believe in him. That becomes further complicated when he begins to believe that the coaches have no idea what they're doing. I know i'm ranting but I wish i knew what it is the Riders are looking for.

Oh I agree with all that. Well put. Were I to be in Riders' management, I sure wouldn't be looking to bring in Dinwiddie.

I was just commenting because that last part you said is likely true....

This won't likely make it any easier for YOU to believe but...


The last sentance says it all.

Does wikipedia count as a source? I still won't believe it until I hear reports of him at Mosaic. Or even a sighting at Tim Hortons in Regina.

If that's true it means that as we speak the Riders are in the process of trying to trade a QB. I wonder who it is? I can't see it being Durant or Bell. So...will it be Jyles or joseph?

This should snap you Priders out of your state of denial over your qb situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe some of you guys missed what I posted earlier:

"After practice, coach Ken Miller said they are not considering bringing in free agent QB Ryan Dinwiddie at this time. He says they remain committed to the QBs they have."


I never thought I'd be pinning my hopes on the words of a Bombers fan, but MadJack, you gotta be right on this one.

I just can't imagine the conversation that would have otherwise gone on if the opposite were true....

"Hey, for our offence to really sing, we need an immobile, weak-armed white quarterback."

"We have a white QB - Bell."

"No good. He throws the ball too hard. He runs pretty well too."

"Can't we tell him to stand still, and ease up a bit?"

"No, there are some throws that we don't want him to be able to make and he just can."

"OK...well, Dinwiddie's available."

"Perfect! He makes Drew Bledsoe look like Barry Sanders, and some of his outs to the wide sideline we can time with a calendar."

"Then I'll make a call...."


Artie are you confusing me with a Bombers' fan??????????

You're not?