Dinwiddie should be QB

Seriously, Dinwiddie should come out of retirement and be the quarterback for the Alouettes.

Now, there is a bad idea!

Maybe if they brought back Marcus Brady he could QB and be the OC. LOL

Pay no attention to this troll, friends. He goes out of his way to pick fights on other teams' boards and has been banned from at least one team forum on account of his antics.

If you want to see his own explanation of his behaviour, check out the Roughriders at Redblacks thread...it's...I don't know...my head hurts...

Way to implement a smear campaign against me.
I was serious about the Dinwiddie post because Dinwiddie was a great QB while he was playing in Winnipeg.
But that is something I suspect you would not appreciate, disciplineandpunish.

He was awful!!!! , plus he is retired because he wasn't good enough to land a job even as a back up or 3rd stringer.He had one decent game vs Calgary early in 2008 and that was it. When you say "great QB " how can anybody take you serious? As for Trolling , people can check various team sites and see that you are a troll. Winnipeg's site is littered with your ridiculousness .

And Saskatchewan’s site. He’s hilariously trying to pretend he’s innocent despite the evidence being there for all to see. :lol:

And Saskatchewan's site. He's hilariously trying to pretend he's innocent despite the evidence being there for all to see. :lol:

....Dinwoodie should NOT be qb. in Mont....If you think Smith is skipping throws to the receivers, wait till you get a load of this guys noodle arm...I liked Dinwiddie...He's a good guy with a high IQ....BUT he is not a starting qb. in this league... :roll: