Dinwiddie round 2

the bombers must win games. that means they must sieze every opportunity to win. coach berry needs to start planning for the right time to bring in dinwiddie in relief of glenn when he is having a tough game.
for the next dinwiddie appearance coach berry needs to remember the run sets up the pass. heavy doses of joe smith sets up dinwiddie for success.

I must say: Having freddie reid with joltin joe back just might draw a winnable gameplan for widdie. Right now, we need to keep games on the road close and pull it out with a 4th quarter qb (ball control offense). Glenn has done this in the past. However, Glenn lost us the game last week with those horrific 4th quarter 2 and outs. Those were unacceptable.

ya not to mention the abandoning of the run by cartwright.

he gives up on the run to much and a hard runing style gives glenn the chance. he is starter lets remember this fact.

I'm thinking Armstrong had a bit to do with one important 2 and out.

I give you benefit of the doubt in making a lucid observation, but objectively speaking I would say the qb puts the ball where a player can adapt easily. I'm not saying it was Glenn's fault Armstrong didn't catch the ball, but Bishop took Glenn to the cleaners in the 4th quarter when it mattered. Enough said.

P.S. Of course I have bias toward Armstrong, he's my favorite.

did you not noticed how he risked deep balls and if not for our useless db's thye don;t catch half of them. all our db's had to do was to put their hands in to prevent and the riders lose.

To be fair, the secondary cost us that game, but your point is taken...

Saying the DBs cost us the game is fair. I'm not impartial to glenn, these are pretty small criticisms.

absolutely the defense blew it in the 4TH quarter giving up 20 unanswered points in 11 minutes, just proof that anything can happen in the CFL. But after saying that, i think about CARTWRONGS PLAY CALLING, AGAIN. Why did we abondon the run so early, especially when we were leading by so much, just horrible OC, makes me wanna puke.

The first solution is to FIRE Cartwrong, since Berry is not going anywhere as far as i can see. Hire someone who has played the game, has won The Cup (hello Cradall, Dunigan, Allen), just makes more sense more and more each week.