Dinwiddie or Bergquist?

who do you start next game?

we all have seen Dinwiddie was a complete bust.

so do you give the 3rd stringer a game?

Yup, let's see what he's got

there's gotta be someone else that can throw the ball.........to guys on our team!!! Can't we just bring someone in, get rid of Dimwitty since he cant do anything anyways. Even someone new that doesn't know the system could likely do a better job. Call Maas or Cleo or both!!! Wouldn't that be something! lol

i say go with Cole. Dinwiddie looked lost out there today - to say he played terribly would be a compliment. But if our offensive line doesn't improve we will be lucky if we score an offensive TD the rest of the season. Even Durant was being pummelled out there.

Dinwiddie looked like a 3rd year HS QB. Bad passing is one thing, but there was zero reading/recognition. I think like the announcers said...his days in the CFL are numbered to the end of the season. I just wonder what this will do to Tanam, who insisted Ryan come in. I know it is only one game, but there was nothing good to pull from the experience. No, DD did not look good, but he was getting the reads, and could not plat his throwing foot. I believe it was actually broken prior to the game, not during. Berguist has to get a shot IMO. It is time to play for jobs. Ryan had his start, now it is another's turn.

Bergquist for sure. The only battle now is for the 1st pick overall in the draft.

Dinwiddie can watch. He never had a second look. He zeroed in on a receiver and that was his only option.

Those friggin Eskies could smell blook with Darian back there hurt (and I would have done the same thing). Darian's our meal ticket and I assume he is done for season.

The Lion's would never know what Lulay had until they gave him a shot. We'll see what kind of balls the coaches have. At this point it should be supper easy, play Cole.

I wonder if there is a way to get Dimwittie off the team at this point in the season and save the cap space? Gainer could back up Berquist, and he's already on payroll. :twisted:

joshing here I am sure, but, you would need to bring in someone in his place, and they would likely get not much less...he likely isn't paid over 90. Secondly, cutting at this point of the season and you need to pay out the year anyways, and it goes against cap. I would imagine leaf or possible lemmon's phone will be ringing unless they want to try to go the remainder with 2 QBs.

start Berquist have Dinwiddie for backup untill you bring in a couple of extra QBs as the way our O-line is playing we are sure to lose a couple more QBs as they can't block.

I say start Berquist... we now have nothing to lose... the Riders don't have a realistic chance at a crossover... Sask would have to win the next 4 games, and Hamilton lose the rest of the way... given that we play BC next and haven't scored a TD in over 200+ plus minutes of football, I don't like our chances... I'll be happy if the TD drought is broken, never mind winning the game...

Yes, I was kidding. And Gainer would have to take a pay cut. :smiley: (kidding again!)

Well they're going to have to activate SOMEBODY. If Durant goes on the IL then there are only 2 QBs in the 42.

Has to be Cole and he will not look any better then Dimwiddie. SO, my guess is that they play Dimwiddie to start the games and put in Cole towards the end of the games. 4 loses either way. Upside is that we know now for sure that we need to groom a new backup QB. Either Cole or someone else. What about the guy who left to Greenbay a couple of years back. graham?

I think you mean Graham Harrell. I think I heard he went coaching somewhere down south.

He used to be on the Riders neg list. I can't remember if he even made the PR. He was basically 4th behind Tate.

If you remember guys, Harrell was let go by Tillman because he didn't like that he'd be 3rd string and wanted to try elsewhere.

Tillman was understanding and let him go. This past September Harrell was in the NFL but never made the final cuts for the start of the season.

He was suppose to be really good, perhaps we could get him back to compete for a spot?

Don't think he would want to come back, he wanted to be a starting in this league right away, he didn't think he needed to backup for a few seasons to learn the game IIRC. I don't think he would be a good #1 QB, would be a great backup though, but again I don't think he would come back here for a backup spot. I am pretty sure he is coaching somewhere down south probably making close to the same money that he would being a backup QB up here.

Personally I believe Dinwiddie has played his last game in the CFL. This is an experienced back up quarterback that failed to produce when he's had chances. Let's not forget he has had chances prior to wearing green. Berquist, imho, is not talented enough to be a back up. Riders need additional personnel, and that includes most of the coaches.

I bleed green and have significant patience. Having stated that we need a serious overhaul, starting at the top.

Welcome to 2012

Correct, let's start Cole first and Dimmwiddie later in the game.