Well i'm giving my 2 cent ryan dinwiddie will lose based on 2 things if the defense he faces takes away short passes.....he will fail big the goal to win with dinwiddie as qb will depend on the teams running game and offense of line......dinwiddie if you followed him in the ncaa cannot throw the long ball and anything over 10 yards passes he has trouble with hitting his target.....he doesnt have a fast realese and he not that moblie......if the team dinwiddie faces takes away the short passing game he will fail.....i followed him all through boise state and the nfl camp......dinwiddie as a starting qb.....has a snowball chance in h#ll at winning the grey cup....JUST REMEMBER THE BLITZ HIM AND TAKE THE SHORT PASSING GAME AWAY.....HE WILL TRY TO DINK AND DUNK DOWN THE FIELD.......HE WILL THROUGH ALOT OF PICKS AND HE DOESNT HAVE THE ARM TO WIN HE VERY WEAK AND ANYTHING OVER 10 YARDS HE NOT ON TARGET......BOMBERS WILL GET BLOWN OUT.....SORRY MY PREDICTION

I am sorry that is your prediction.

Thanks for the scouting report...now for the most recent and RELEVANT stats...

EAST FINAL(cold off the bench, with a pile in his jock)
80 yards

Do the math Ohio, thats 20 yds per pass on average. Dink and dunk....bahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah. Lucks we have Richie Hall to prepare the D.


MAN trust me he wont have to many passes for 20 yards or more........i see him getting the mad rush best to dink and dunk.....run......and defense to win the game


I hope those were Canadian pennies.

well our oline was the top in the league allowing roberts to run over 1300 yards, and allowing a league low 27 sacks all season. so the ground game will be much better then the depleated ssk backs, and when the db's start to creep dinwiddie doesn;t have to be perfect to complete the passes he wants.

OKaye I'll trust you...and your who again?


As much as I hate the Bombers and their lousy fans,and would love to see the Riders win by 20 or more points. I just don’t think it will be a blow out for the Riders, it could be a close game. Riders by 10

Hang on to that 23

Well he will have to dink and dunk.....dinnwide isnt that good of a qb.......sorry play press defense......if they be dumb enough to play zone he will stand a chance but........sorry he wont deliver......

For once I agree with Sandusky. I hope we're both wrong though, and that we get a good game.

And I think because its the big game that somehow Winnipeg will keep it interesting.
With our without Dimwittie, or whatever his name is.

Sandusky.... I thought you were the expert on NCAA and all American Football.
Your forgetting the awards Dimwiddie collect while being a star player for NCAA.
I think he is the next big name quarterback in the CFL.

....Dink and Dunk Dinwiddie....sounds like a heckuva' name for a running back...lol...as a qb.,i like the image of him hitting Armstrong with a great leading pass and Adrianno (dirty man) Belli in his face.... Not easy to do coming in cold and against one of the best defences in the league... :wink: :smiley:

The one big play he had was a circus like catch. that's one advantage he has - wpg has some really good receivers.
but of note, the bombers only scored nine points offensively, and the one td they had was kinda flukely
I'm sure the Riders will have this guy well scouted and a proper plan will be put together.
coming in cold is one thing. having all week to think about your first start in a grey cup is another matter.
still nervous, but optimistic.

Loving all the overhype talk from Rider fans - tell me again just how embarassing it's going to be to lose to the man whose name you cannot even spell!!

Making fun of someone's name is the kind of childish behavior that should be left behind in the school yard where it belongs. Sticks and stones and all . . .

Love to see the melon heads eat crow! At least if the Bomber's lose they will have a built in excuse - what's gonna be yours Rider fans!!

And remember - BC and Toronto are watching from the sidelines in large part because of their over cockiness - careful - what goes around, comes around!

This is clearly what Winnipeg and their fans want, but the Riders have already rejected the favourite label. The premier of Manitoba says the Bombers by 3, and the mayor of Winnipeg says Bombers by 7. Are they cocky?
Just a lot of trash talking between now and the Cup.
Wpg fans can hope the Riders take the Bombers for granted, but there’s no chance Kent Austin will let that happen.

...can't have it both ways...if the Bombers are going to win despite having an unproven quarterback, you can't cry that you had an unproven quarterback as an excuse if they lose...

they aren't that depleted. they have everyone that started last time!

Cates, Szarka and Holmes..

what's depleted about that?

yea no kidding. there won't be an excuse, cause the Riders aren't going to lose! :lol: