Dinwiddie done?

The Riders have released him. He doesn't seem to be able to hold onto a backup role. I had hope for him when he played in the Grey Cup a few years ago. All things considered, he did pretty good and nearly beat the Riders. Since then, he really hasn't done a whole lot, granted he hasn't gotten a huge amount of playing time.

I can't help but think that after this, he's done. He isn't young either and who would want to pick up a 31 year old for a backup QB?

Donewiddie will have to either find another role or retire.

the guy isn't that good anyway.

Only teams I could think of would be Edmonton (competition for Jyles) Toronto and maybe Montreal once calvillo retires there cause he could back up McPherson but other than that I think he done

He might be the new Michael Bishop where people sign him as an emergency guy to take up a roster spot for a few weeks.