Dinwiddie...deal done

...looks like Ryan has finally seen the light and has re-signed with the Bombers....now to get Glenns' contract straightened away and things will start to look good for 08....I believe we still have to bring in a credible back-up besides .....and i hope its before t.c.... :roll:

I agree with you papa; from my perspective the jury is still out on Dinwiddie, so I'd be looking at bringing in someone else as well.

Wonder whatever happend to those conversations with Hamilton about Chang?

iunno guys i am happy ryan came down to earth and signed a deal. he has the ability just needs to play more. no back up becomes a starter without game time and thats what the team took away from him last year. I think we need to keep this guy around.

I like this move. He's only going to get better (unlike past Bomber backup QB's.

And also who/when was the last time a backup QB stayed with the team longer than a year?

Does that mean Tee Martin moves to third string? :wink: :wink: :wink:

Sorry Sporty but word has it that Dieter Brock is returning as the 3rd string for this season only to finally get his Blue Bomber Grey Cup Ring!!! :lol:
Ok seriously now,I agree with Papa all the way on this one!

....if Dinwiddie had an arm like Brock....i think you'd be looking at a definite starter in this league....Ryan has more going for him in the 'thinking' dept.....than Tee or Ralph... :wink:

Agreed, I'am sure we'll get Glenn's signature on a new contract well before training camp. I agree with keeping Dinwiddie around as he'll only improve with experience but that is where the problem lies as is the case with every clubs backups. Getting playing time to get that experience. I would hope that Taman makes a move to bring in an experienced CFL QB to really push Glenn and Dinwiddie. The salary cap will play into it but possibly via trade we can land someone to give us the security we need in case Glenn goes down again. It's a difficult situation but hopefully we start the season in better shape at QB then we did last year. Of course you can't always have your cake and eat it too!!