Dinwiddie close to joining Riders


God help them if Durant goes down.

Taman should have brought Kerry Joseph in to be #2.

Maybe. But it's a lot like hockey, regimes bring in guys they know. None of KJ's guys are around anymore except Kenny. Dinwiddie is a Taman and Berry guy - both had him in Winnipeg and both apparently like him.

He's at least right-handed, isn't he?

I just googled him....he does throw right-handed. So he's got that going for him, at least.

I also note he wore #4 in Winnipeg. Maybe we only want QB's that want to wear #4?

whats with the left handed talk… are u under the impression that lefors is the bombers backup or something? CUZ he’s not, he’s retired, just hasnt been confirmed yet. LEFORS IS DONE.

the only left handed qb i see in the league right now is the dude the riders signed maybe 2 weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Dinwiddie has a great attitude and passion for the game, if only that arm of his was just a little stronger.

i agree pigseye. din has all the tools u look for in a qb except arm strength. seems odd that the riders would go after him because well if he couldnt throw it in the wind here, what makes them think he could do it there but ya.. dude never got a fair shot here. i wish him nothing but the best. classy guy. never got a fair chance.

I know...that's what scares me. I don't care how racist cflisthebest thinks I am...one lefty is plenty, thank you.

And killer, at least he'll have the wind behind him for two quarters. He'll look like l'il John Elway those quarters. Maybe we'll just run a wishbone with Cates, Charles and Dorsey the other half of the game.

....I don't know if the wind had any great effect on Dinwiddies game...didn't seem to help him in the 'windy city' at CanadInns....He does have pretty good football sense but it's like Dunigan said....you can have all the football savvy in the world but if you possess a 'noodle arm'.....you aren't going to be very successful in this league... :wink: Good luck to him though....just don't be too surprised if he 'chucks' one up after having this guy scream in his ear :lol: :lol:

....".Ryan ....this is the team you throw to....green guys....forget about that bluengold team..... remember...green, green, green'

lol, green Ryan, green.......throws headset to the ground and stomps on it......looks for kicker to abuse next.

..... :lol: :lol: ...are the riders thinking of inking Troy...... :roll: :roll:

Only if Bob Cameron turns them down. . .

Don't be ridiculous.

Cameron only punts. We need them both.

Maybe the Riders should go after LeFors ... LOL .... a lefty who Kelly thought would be a starter ... ha ha .... joking aside Kerry Joseph is 38 years old, does he still have game? probably enough to be a back up, Ryan Dinwiddie showed us alot of promise when he was in Winnipeg and is now 30 years old, can he still develop into a solid back-up? Hard to say, maybe 3RD string. Bishop is just a phone call away for the Riders, do you wanna go down that road? LOL .... Ritchie Williams is a name not mentioned much lately, he was a "future starter" in Hamilton, but then again so was Timmy Chang .... LOL ..... Maybe give Tony Romo a call? okay just kidding.

But seriously Saskatchewan needs an experienced back up or a promising rookie to back up DD Just in case, if Durant goes down and there is no one to back him up The Riders go down as well, not to be harsh but it's true. I am not saying DD will go down and i never wish that upon any player but this is football and you never know. Same may be said for the Bombers if Pierce goes down, can Jyles, Santos or Dimichael carry the load, i think so like most Bomber fans, but we will not know unless it happens!!!!

As bad as Dinwiddie is, he has more actual playing time in actual games than Jyles or any of the other Bomber backups.


I think most Bomber fans agree that Din got the shaft last year, he should have been our 1 or 2.

even on his poor outings... diniwiddie could still step in and complete some passes.. more than can be said for several of the bomber qbs over the past few seasons... diniwiddie did get the shaft imo... he should have still been here at least as a backup. sure he didnt have the biggest arm, but at times he was able to squeeze it perfectly into tight coverage..

if i were the riders, id sign him... you have a starter, so why not have ryan on the bench with the youngsters...

It's easy for us to scoff at the selection because he was unceremoniously dumped and out of football for a year. But you're right, one has to remember he was a victim of The Professor, who's assessment of QB talent is sketchy at best.

i hate saying this cuz i liked RD but RD is very very lefors ish.. i dont mean in the sense that he whines about getting paid more money after 1 season but he did, he demanded and got a raise after starting 1 game in the grey cup and losing. he had 1 good game his entire career, the game against calgary.. every other time he started the team lost. i dunno, not saying he sucks cuz he doesnt and i dont think he had a fair chance either but i dont think RD is the answer at starting qb for any team. His arm strength just lacks. he had one game against calgary where he threw for like 450 yards and 1 touchdown, the rest of his starts werent even close to that. that start against calgary is an anomale of sorts, beleive he was named cfl player of the week, as was lefors whenn he threw for 400 yards for the eskimos IN 1 START. career records in the cfl are similar. i dunno. good luck to RD but really, dont see him making 2 much of a difference. good starter? no. solid backup? sure.

So how do you assess Jyles, who has fewer starts and less success as a QB than Dinwiddie? Because he would have been our #2 this year had he not left.

thats just it though... as a backup why not... he has a few games under his belt, and has shown some flashes... at 30 he is no longer a project qb, would merely be an insurance plan... and as much as sask wants to develope their young qbs... they are in a much diff situation than the bombers... the bombers are basically rebuilding, new players new staff etc...
where as sask was just in a grey cup and has the core of their team still intact... the expectations are very high, if durant goes down i dont think fans would be happy with a bunch of losses due to the inexperienced backups... dinniwiddie would be more game ready in case of emergency imo...and if he can protect the ball would still give sask at least some hope of winning games... where as with the rookies they have right now... who knows what the outcome would be...