Dinwiddie Bites the Pillow Against the Als

Berry's favourite pillow-biter, Ryan Dinwiddie, shows his inferior skills in a kitten-like struggle against the Montreal defense, succumbing 39-11.

While compiling decent pass yardage, Dinwiddie's girlish arm could not find the holes in the secondary on Montreal's side of midfield. Berry finally threw Kevin Glenn to the wolves in the 4th quarter after Dinwiddie's reaming no longer amused bum chums Berry and Cartwright.

Bryan Randall remained on the sidelines to felch for Dinwiddie, as the Montreal defense basically had their way with the punk from Boise State.

right on

...THEY ALL STINK....and will not play for this coach....time to clean house,,,it's more than obvious now////

Who was that guy who insisted we give Randall some playing time??? what a bumb that guy is. He had no idea what he was talking about. . . obviously Randall deserves to play now.

Something HAS to happen to get this outfit straightened out!! An absolute disgrace!! I don't have the answers but I sure hope someone does!

..THEY ALL STINK....and will not play for this coach....time to clean house,,,it's more than obvious now//// - Papazoola

You'd think so, but Kevin Glenn showed promise and will start against Hamilton next week. Should they win, Berry and Cartwright will have another 2 weeks of breathing room due to the mid-season bye.

Our only hope of major coaching changes that can turn this season around seem to hinge on next week's game. If the Bombers lose against Hamilton, Berry and Cartwright might have their plane tickets taken away and replaced with pink slips--dare to dream!

Cartwright still thinks he gets 4 downs.

He just does not understand how to be successful in this league. He needs to be replaced and Berry needs to take over. Don't forget he was OC for a VERY successful offence in Montreal for years.

Just my 2 cents.

It's funny how everyone has jumped off the Dinwiddie bandwagon soo quickly. I predicted after their first game this season that they would win maybe 5 games this year if they were lucky. They were bad at the end of last season and have continued that play this year. Cartwright needs to go now along with the O line coach. AC could have had a coffee while waiting to throw whereas Dinwiddie always had someone in his face I didn't see what happened with Glen tonight as I left to finish my yard work after the 3rd quarter as I could not stomach any more. There is no creativity with any aspect of this team. They are boring to watch. I would get rid of Berry, Cartwright, move Marshall to head coach aad then if the players still fail to produce start getting rid of the big money guys Roberts, Glen and Stegal and then use that money to bring in some younger talented players.

I was never on the Dinwiddie bandwagon. I knew the Calgary game was a fluke and that Ryan will never be more than a 2nd string QB in the CFL--not that there's anything wrong with that. Every team needs a good backup QB.

Kevin Glenn is our QB. The organization should have brought him along gradually after his injury and gave the backups more playing time in the beginning of the season instead of tossing Glenn to the bench like a waterboy. Berry will lose his job for doing what he did, as will his sidekick Cartwright--count on it.

Baffling decision on the coaches' part to wait until midway through the fourth quarter -- when the game was effectively out of reach -- to send Glenn in. Dinwiddie was brutal all night, and they should not have needed that lame-duck interception to yank him.

Do you know who Berry blamed for the loss--Serna the kicker!!! He said the misses in the first half demoralized his team.

Someone needs a reality check. The Bombers lost by 4 touchdowns!!! Talk about a pinhead!!!

If this doesn't indicate that Berry's head is up his ass, nothing does. Berry must have photos or film of Bauer & Taman packing fudge. It's the only thing that makes sense of this madness.

Berry and Cartwright should be on the first plane out of Winnipeg--or better still, let the bastards Go Greyhound.

Well, he's not wrong about the field goals. The Bombers left 9 points on the field in missed FG. Add those and the score is 16-10 at the half, which is very close.

The final score didn't really reflect how close the game was until the end of the third quarter.

If I were head coach, though, I'd have started Glenn in the third quarter. That might have given the Bombers enough time to climb back into the game.

all due respect, ryan played a decent game with the exception of the int. he was pressured all game, the o-line did nothing to protect him, Ryan was scrambling and being rushed the whole game, recievers ran wrong routes, evryone is blaming Ryan, when the whole offense stunk it up, takes more than one player to stink up thge offense.

The 0-line sucked all night, the recievers were out of place all night and that makes Dinwiddie look like the one too blame. I agree it is time to start rotating qb's and rb's until something clicks, but Ryan should not be solely too blame.

the funny thing is although i agree berry is the problem, unlike the rest of you i don;t see him going anywhere. i heard it best on tsn. he just signed a 3 year extension this off season and a community owned team won;t let go of a contract like that till its last. so get settled with him, and as long as berry is here so is cartwright. all i can say is heres to 2010 maybe by then we will fire them.

As far as I know, football isn't like other pro sports where they have iron-clad contracts. Players and coaches can be immediately released in w/o much in the way of compensation, which is cruel in a sport where the avg. pro football career lasts about 4 years. Consider Troy Westwood as a recent example. Coaches with longterm contracts are axed all the time.

You can be sure that when Berry is sent packing, he won't be getting a golden handshake--more likely a golden shower from his players.

agreed. i fully believe he ahs lost all the respect from every player in the locker room. and in turn the team plays with no heart or passion.

but with a community owned team it is more difficult to jsut get up and axe a 3 year deal with a head coach where i private owner would ya goodbye get off my team.

100% correct.