Dinwiddie Back in CFL?

A CFL team or two have shown interest in bringing Ryan Dinwiddie Back, i wonder who? Toronto? Alway's thought Ryan deserved a fair chance at least being a back-up in Bomberland, just another victim of the MK era. I wish Ryan the best of luck if he does return, just not at The Bombers expense!!

[url=http://www.egcitizen.com/articles/2010/02/23/sports/doc4b84703e536d3519841021.txt]http://www.egcitizen.com/articles/2010/ ... 841021.txt[/url]

I always thought he was a good QB and deserves a real shot, I mean did he ever get a chance to develop? He rode the pine as a backup, and then got thrown in the fire. Hopefully, he'll get that someday. I wonder if he's been staying in shape?

From what i understand, read and heard is Ryan was coaching in Boise, maybe a high school team or something but from what i know of Ryan he would be ready to play come TC wherever he may wind up.

sask doesnt have a backup right now... possibly them... maybe montreal was the other option b4 they signed picket? who knows maybe the bombers even, i dunno. doubt the last one but would it be nice to see RD back in the CFL? sure i guess so, give him a chance, see what he can do. I beleive he did get the SHAFT last year for sure, how kelly releases him and keeps a guy like kilian or even randall at that time last season is beyond me but yeah...

i have to say tho... i know alot of people dont like kelly or anything but alot of the players, RD included, that he released last season are no longer playing in the cfl. Just sayin'. and the guys who he did release who got picked up, got released this past off season, just sayin. He didnt do everything bad.

Sounds like mike kelly the vp/gm was a little more educated than mike kelly the coach.

cant put all of last season on mike kelly, some of that blame has got to go to the guy who signed him to be both vp/gm and head coach/oc/qb coach.... WHO WOULD SAY NO TO THAT??? lyle bauer imo, gets some of the blame for the mess of last season.

But hey, clean slate.. :slight_smile:

good luck to RD if he comes back.