Dinosaur Dave Hodge

Today on TSN when discussing the CFL, which is amazing in itself, Dave Hodge said the league shouldn't play on Sunday becuase the NFL is on.
And that people in Toronto wouldn't care because the NFL is on. He suggested Saturday games.

Sure he as the right to his opinion, but where has DAve Hodge been the past 30 years? Because all I can remember is the playoffs and Grey Cups on Sunday.
And always to big TV ratings.

I know Hodge can't be this stupid to make such a suggestion. He has to know what the TV numbers show every week. He has to know how big the playoff and Grey Cup numbers are. He has to know the CFL consistently outdraws the NFL by a wide margin on TV.

Either this guy just wants to be an a-hole and tick off CFL fans, or he is a total amateur for not knowing the facts about Canadian sports.

I hope he is trying to be the first one, not the second one. Becuase is he doesnt' know the facts, its time to put Dave Hodge out to pasture with Bob Cole and Harry Neale. Their day has come and gone.

Holy crap. These idiots need to die.

Give into the No.Fun.League. forget that, its been like this for years, the CFL has been around longer then that other league. Its bad publicity like this that drives me nuts.

I wish we could contact DAve Hodge, but he doesn't have an email address. But you just have to wonder what his relevance is anymore?

He won't be relevant until we need to waste space for his grave.

I was going to start a thread to protest hodg podges comments about the interest in nfl coming to T.O, a couple weeks ago, and his comments today are equally insulting to the majority who tune in to whach footall, IMO HE is making these comments IN stead of s.s , because HE IS NOW SAYING HE LOVES THE cfl,bla bla-- IVE been on the fence for 30 od years about Hodg being Kicked out of mlg by Harold Ballard, BUT today ive decided HAROLD WAS 100% correct - HODG podg S%#@S IMHO.

Who really cares? The stuck Hodge on the non-entity called the Reporters , isn't that punishment enough?

Just some senile old bastard looking for attention trying to hang onto his career. Just like players hanging on too long its time to go out to pasture Hodge.