Dino's show Stamps the way.

Will be 2 for 2 after the weekend. Congratulations to the Dino's on the way to a Vanier Cup and Grey Cup for Calgary.

I was cheering for Western, but Calgary was way too good.

Everything that could go wrong for the Mustangs did, and everything that could go right for the Dinos did.

Can't even blame those blown calls for this game. Western got totally spanked.

Congratulations to the U of C, and good luck next week. I'll be cheering for you in that one.

Laval and Calgary. Should be a good one. Can't wait ! If it's anything like 2011, WOW.

Check out the Uteck/Mitchell Bowl and Vanier Cup threads on the Other Football section, guys. :slight_smile:


Sorry to say it but the Dinos will get thumped in Quebec City against Laval. They are very good and are hosting the game. Travel and weariness will set in on the Dinos. Look for a one-sided game. :cowboy:
Good to see the Vanier Cup being played in Quebec City where football in the schools is very big. Hope they get a great crowd in their new stadium on the Laval campus.