Dinos all star RB trio

First. there was Anthony Woodson drafted by the BBs in 2010 but has been riddled with injuries starting the 2012 season as the BBs back up RB suffered a season ending injury. Woodson also a member of Team Canada for the silver medal IFAF senir mens team but did not play do to injury.

Next, Matt Walter, surpassing Woodson and every other Dino RB in career rushing. Drafted by the Stamps in 2011 and moving down the hall to the Stamps new Locker room facility in 2012. also a member of the 2011 IFAF senior mens silver medal team. Started off the 2012 season on the stamps Practice roster, was elevated for special teams, and with injury to back up imporp Lamarcus Coker finished the seasonas a fine back up to fellow Canadian All Star and Canadian MOP.

Finally up is the youngest Steven Lumbala now eligible for the 2013 Canadian Draft may have the best chance to stick in the CFL his draft year. Like Walter he will be counted on to play special teams if he should crack the roster but has the ability to become a Kick off returner, a position that the CFL is sorely short of Canadian Players with only Sam Giguere the only Canadian to be a steady part of the Hamilton Tiger Cats kick off returning pair.
If Lumbala can crack the roster and secure one of the two Kick off return spots that will make is NI roster spot that more important as he would give a team the ability to possibility carry three RBs on the game day roster or if good enough like Walter would allow a team with to add a DI at another position.

Another such Canadian player not from the Dinos is former Central Mich RB Carl Volney who also entered the 2011 season as the BBs top RB but also has been riddled with injuries in his two seasons with the BBs.
With all of the hype surrounding Canadian starting RBs Messam in 2011 and Cornish and Harris in 2012, having a good Canadian back up RB on the 42 man roster leaves a coach flexibility in the DI spot without going with a suitable Back up RB.

None will ever play a meaningful snap in the CFl as a QB.. What's the point of even dreaming. Until there is a fundemental change in the cfl, we will be looking for the next Russ Jackson 50 years from now. Heck, at this point i would settle for the next Gerry Dattilio http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerry_Dattilio he came so close to throwing for 10000 yards, it's kind of sad. The last Canadian QB to throw for 10000 yards was Jackson of course..... He surpased 10000 yards 50 years ago!!!!!!!! Meanwhile we have had terrible qbs like micheal bishop and Ken Hobart, throw for over 10000 yards. With so many crappy american qbs, why can't we give a crappy Canadian QB a chance?

This thread is about the Dinos producing Canadian RBs not about QBs that subject is on plenty of other threads

ooops.... cant even delete my post... I was wondering how the Dinos produced 2 QBs in a 2 year span when I was reading the article...lol.. i think the part about theone runingback moving his gear down the hall is what confused me when i skim read the article...lol. Sinopili did the same thing.The dangers of skim reading with negative preconceptions already implanted in your brain.

I bring up the RB situation because not just the star starting Canadian RBs are there but being able to hold the position of a solid number 2 RB as some teams do to the limited DI spots sometimes do not have room for two import RBs. Toronto for ex last year only carried on true RB on the roster last season with an import kicker taking up one of the DI spots.
Receivers are no a Canadian position that bring more importance to an NI roster spot as almost every team had at least their second leading receiver being a Canadian. Gore moved to the #1 spot and teams that have a canadian receiver being the #3 receiver also adds more importance. Last year many of the team second starting Canadian receiver were often the #5 receiver but many of them were young and can eventually move up the ladder. Hamilton even began startin 3 Canadian recievers in Fantuz, Giguere, and Stalla.
The riders had Gertz at the 2 receiver and Bagg at the three after bag went down they had to go with a way less receiver as the 5th receiver. SIsco so far has also been a little disapointment but has been injured and will only be starting his 3rd full CFL season in 2013 after spending his rookie season in the NFL up to last cuts at the end of August.