Dinner Before the Game

Coming up to see the Friday night game, first time at TD Place.
Want to have dinner before the game, are there any restaurants between the airport and the stadium?
Appreciate any suggestions.

All kinds of restaurants around the stadium, just get there early and wander around. I like Milestones but Local Heroes is a good one too both just outside the North stand entrance.
Lots of good places to eat on Bank St just outside of Lansdowne Park

[url=http://www.ottawalansdownepark.com/new-lansdowne-park-shop/]http://www.ottawalansdownepark.com/new- ... park-shop/[/url]

Milestones looks great we will give it a try!
Thanks slimjim, appreciate the info.

Milestone is the only place I've tried at the Park (aside from stadium food) and we liked it quite a bit. Report back!

Copy that. Will report Monday. Saturday and Sunday are out of pocket days.

The local had the worst service I've experienced in recent memory.
I'd suggest Joey's if eating at Landsdowne, just by default.

Report as requested:
Arrived Friday about 1330 hours EDT, checked into the Hilton Garden Inn, nice hotel, friendly service.
Late afternoon we drove to Lansdowne Park, parked the car and walked the short distance to Milestone Restaurant.
Weather was not conducive to walking around the area.
Enjoyed dinner with our Hosts, service was friendly and good, and food/drinks were good (Mussels for app, Prime Rib for entrée, Perfect Manhattan before dinner Drambuie after dinner.
Our Hosts had a Suite on what I believe is the South side of the field where we watched and really enjoyed the game, especially the final score, with other guests of our Host. Everyone we met was very friendly and welcomed us to Canada and the CFL.
Personally, I have always found my Canadian neighbors to be friendly when I visit Canada!
After the game, drove back to the hotel for a "nightcap". Took off for West Point about 0800 Hours EDT Saturday morning.
Overall, had a very enjoyable trip.

Awesome. I wondered about you during the game, especially in light of the weather.

So you must have been in the club between the lower and upper decks? Looks nice in there. Nice timing!

There is nothing we can do about the weather, I've learned over the years to accept whatever it is and adjust my plans only as needed.
There is a club in the area we where in called Otto's. We were told we had access to the club if we so desired.
We didn't get to "roam" the stadium as we usually do. It is a really nice stadium from what we did see.