Dinner and A Game


I was wondering whether or not the Tiger-Cats and Swiss Chalet will be offering their "Dinner and A Game" ticket vouchers for sale this year?

Does anybody know? If not, is there something similar being offered for the 2007 season?



Yes, it's called Dinner and a Game. It consists of going to the restaurant of your choice, having a nice dinner, then going to IWS, buying a ticket and watching a great game. It's brilliant!


Be nice. :wink:

I haven't heard anything professor

There was a Swiss Chalet coupon in the season tickets packages that allows for a specific free food item during every two week period during the season. I am wondering if this will be the Swiss Chalet food promotion this season instead of the Game and Dinner package offered last year. Also, there is nothing posted on the sign outside of the specific Swiss Chalet regarding a Dinner and Game promotion. I would assume if they were running that promotion that they would have it posted by now.

May I suggest Aceti's for a bite and beer, then off to the Wynne?

Sounds good! Thanks everybody!

8) professorhiro, are you that old wrestler from the 70's with the same name, or was he one of your favourites during that era ????? :wink:

Swiss Chalet changed their promotion a bit this season as GerryA22 mentioned.