Dimwiddie is starting against the TiCats

Well, looks like the fans got their way and the evaluations are starting this week. Can't wait to see Cole in action, though I'm not expecting too much from him. I hope I'm surprised though.

[quote="Starbuck23"]Well, looks like the fans got their way and the evaluations are starting this week.

I dont think that its the fans getting their way that sidlined Durant for the rest of the season but the hit that rang his bell and gave him a slight concussion that woke up management.

:twisted: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of God in theirs :twisted: and this is what we are NOT doing :oops:

You know, this coaching staff is really making me mad! why not start Cole Bergquist!!?? I saw him play in preseason the last 2 years, and he's WONDERFUL!!! He has a ridiculously strong arm, and very accurate tight spirals too!!! And even if he doesn't do well, how much worse can it possibly get?? Honestly!!!!

I dunno, I was at the preseason game here in Vancouver and Bergquist didn't really show me anything. Chris Leak played the last 10 mins, and God can that guy huck the ball down the field on a rope. Not always to the right colored jersey mind you ...

Dimwiddie is an average QB who will most likely never be starter in this league, especially now that he's 31 years old.
Although he did have decent success in 2010 in relief with 2TD's and 1 INT.

And while the Riders may start Dinwiddie, Bergquist may be called for action in the second half as the team is in experimentation mode the last two games.

I'm sure we'll see Cole in the last quarter for sure.

Guess not, hence my next new Topic