Diminished Labour Day game, or the only Argo visit to IWS?

I had 4 American cousins coming for the Labour Day. They've always wanted to go to a CFL game since I've been going down to their Bears and Steelers games for years now, and I've been working on them over a year, after explaining to them the the significance and long standing tradition of the Labour Day game with the much hated Argos.

Which would be the better game with which to introduce then to a live CFL game at IWS, Labour Day at 1, vs the Als, or Saturday August 13, 7pm vs. the much hated Argos, which is their only visit to IWS all season.

Which game do you think will have the more intense and memorable gameday experience?

Labour day because it will still likely have a larger attendance than the game in August IMO. Besides, if we’re in the right Position by mid-season, Labour Day could be a battle for 1st place which would only add to the atmosphere.

True, but the later 7pm start, vs. the rivals may be more conducive for the party/tailgate atmosphere. And it's on a Saturday night! No work next day!

I'm torn.

BTW, great new homepage with AB3 and the home schedule. That's my new wallpaper.

Can’t go Wrong With an Argo Visit to IWS

Argos/Ticats game no question about it. Labour Day without the Argos has never had the same feel. In fact any other Argos game has been better than Labour Day without the Argos. This is a disaster and everyone involved knows it but are trying to downplay it in order to sell the game

I look at it this way.

The Tiger-Cats pretty much own tradition and it’s every other team who are clamouring to play us on Labour Day in Hamilton.

In other words, we’re the - kings of labour day - in this country so it’s only fair to spread around the priviledge of playing us. :smiley: 8)