Dile cost the Ticats

My favorite rookie this year. :wink:

Actually, he only got 3 penalties tonight.
Can't blame the game on him but the kid HAS to keep his head. I don't see starter material in him but somebody does.

This poor guy got schooled again. If anybody has the game on their PVR go back and watch #63 play. Almost everytime a D-Lineman gets through to Burris, he first goes around Dile like there's nobody even there. It's been happening all year. For all the clueless Burris bashers, try doing a steamboat count to see how long he actually has to throw the ball. Yet he still managed to rack up 4 TDs and 498 yards. With Dile in there it's like they're one man short yet Cortez continues to play him.

Is he a defensive back?

I think the only Dile on our roster plays on offence...who put up 40 points...and lost.

No your missing the point. Some of Hank's turnovers this year have been a direct result of Dile not stopping his man which caused Burris to either hurry his throws and get picked or he'd get hit and fumble. We would be lucky to just get away with a sack. It's all right there on the game film. Sure Burris put up 40 points but with our terrible defense, we just can't afford to be giving the other team ANY turnovers.

Will never happen. No Offence has zero turnovers.

They are part of football.

The D has to to make stops to bail out the Offence.

This D was incapable of doing that.

Yes, I agree with all of these points. But Dile still sucks. The O-line could definitely be improved.

I would like to see Cody Husband get a chance a right tackle next year.

Does this boil down to cutting Belton Johnston? I have not been impressed with Dile or Simmons. Then again we had
Wayne Smith last year he was got enough to make the team? Funny thing the Ar$# H&^% signed him!

Only words that come to mind is "Turnstile Dile". nuff said.

Belton Johnson was fairly solid. Jiminez was a bit of a goof but when he was in there the running game opened up quite nicely. Then losing Rottier and having Hage and Dyakowski injured and basically the whole O-line is new. This off-season Obie should keep his eyes open for a couple of quality O-linemen instead of a new running back. I'm not sure if anybody of the Labbatte/Picard quality will be available in free agency though.

One thing about Dile is that he seems like a really nice guy. When Burris gets buried for an 8 yard loss, Dile is always the first one to help him back up in an almost apologetic way.

Well good thing we have the 2nd overall pick in this coming draft, I just hope we add some CANADIAN Olineman this off season. We could have had a high school kid in at Dile's spot and they would have done as good or better job than he did.

Dile was absolutely trash this season and if you look back through my posts you will see I was calling for him to be cut as early as week 3 or 4 I believe. If he wasn't taking stupid false start penalties he was getting burned on the pass rush resulting in a sack or Burris scramble or rushed throw.

One good thing about him is at least he never took any holding calls.. but then again you actually have to get your hands on a defender to do that LOL.

I think we all will agree that this off season needs to be spent on signing quality defenders(and Defensive Co-ordinator) and adding better depth on the Oline..

The way the get through Dile you would think Burris would learn to throw the ball out of bounds rather than throw the ball up for grabs or fumble. Burris has been around forever. As a starting QB Burris should be a lot smarter than he is. I line may need some work but I put the blame squarely on H Burris.

correct me if I'm mistaken, but if Winnipeg wins @home tomorrow, we should have the first pick.

Actually for the most part it's been amazing how fast he has been able to get out of a sack or hit this year. Time after time he's facing a rush that almost goes completely unchecked and has literally had only a couple of seconds to hit Williams on a crossing route or the RB in the flats. The problem is that nobody remembers the 15 times in a row he does that but as soon as he throws an errant pass after staring down the barrel of a pass rush then the forum lynch mob is out in full force. People need to tape or PVR the games and then re-watch each play. It's surprisingly revealing what you'll notice that you missed during the actual game.

Putting a new guy into the most critical game of the year is typical of the complacent decisions made this year.A little off topic but I also noticed that our D had 576 points against us,that is rock bottom and will factor in off season decisions.