Digs both ways

Story on slam at http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html in response to the story in the Spec which read "I'd rather be 1-5 than from Winnipeg."

Interesting digs at Hamilton:

  • "Hamilton is just a flat-out ugly city," responded kicker Troy Westwood, a native Manitoban.

  • I don't know if they've spent that much time in Winnipeg," said defensive end Tom Canada, who hails from California. "I mean, Hamilton makes Winnipeg look like Vegas

  • But former Ticat Chris Brazzell was incredulous.

"I heard them saying that in the crowd," he said. "They'd rather be 1-5 than be from Winnipeg? Hamilton probably has to be the dirtiest city of all the CFL teams so if they like that crap, that nasty city that I stayed in for a couple of months, well, Winnipeg, to me, is a far more better little place to live in than Hamilton."

Ah, it's all in fun and the Peg got the last laugh last week, hoping that this week we can turn the tide on them.

Wow, that just bothers me, it's not like the people of Hamilton made those signs, it was ONE, incredibly lousy newspaper, and all the fans that held those signs up are just as bad. I'd rather be from any place then I would be 1-5 (now 1-6). The Spectator is getting pretty brutal.

Three observations:

  1. Media does not speak for the population, despite near-universal assumptions to the contrary. This poster was probably the brainchild of one or two individuals who work at the Hamilton Spectator, which is not exactly at the pinnacle of Canadian journalism.

  2. Those individuals at the Spectator should review the old saying that starts with “Those who live in glass houses …” As someone in the article accompanying the link stated, Hamilton is not exactly Paris.

  3. In contrast to the decision of one or two media types insulting Winnipeg, the Winnipeg news stories managed to quote multiple individuals, including the mayor, going on record as insulting Hamilton. They did not exactly do themselves proud, nor did they make a compelling case for taking the high road.

  1. Hurl a low brow insult
  2. Perform pathetically
  3. Get your butt kicked
  4. Expect deserved gloating
    This weeks Spec pullout - I'd rather be 1-7 and a paper bag wearing knob :oops:

priceless... just priceless.

the spec should put a paper bag inside the paper next saturday. it will be alot more useful than one of those stupid signs

and this ladies and gents is why we never should have signed Brazzell in the first place...

he is the utter definition of a knob.

Yes Espo, another of those "great" Katz signings.


Katz didnt sign him

Who did then? Bob Young? Ron Lancaster?