Digital ads on sports broadcasts.

At the risk of getting project legacy mad at me again - we saw TSN digitally place the Argos logo on the field for at least one of the games from BMO Field that would be there from certain camera angles - but the logo would not be there from other angles and we would see the actual green grass. We’ve seen some hockey broadcasts digitally place ads on the end or side glass on some local broadcasts. Sportsnet does it in various ways on Jays telecasts.

If you happen to check out any of the World Cup of Hockey check out how extensive this digital ad trend is being taken on live sports broadcasts.

When using the main game camera - the boards around the entire rink are featuring rotating ads for one company. So the entire boards around the entire rink is covered with a digitally placed ad for one company. Even though when they go to other camera angles you can clearly see the actual ads on the boards are multiple companies’ ads - the same as always.

I’m guessing this sort of thing will become a part of CFL telecasts too. Indeed maybe that Argos logo was a bit of a test run. Maybe a certain company sponsoring the endzones or somebody like sponsoring the Red Zone and their ads suddenly appear inside the 20 when a team is threatening to score? Or they could even target the ads differently on their regional channels. So people watching on TSN1 and TSN3 (the main TSN channels out west) might get a Safeway ad on the field whereas those of us watching TSN4 or TSN5 in Ontario east get something different.

It really is amazing what they can do with this stuff. I really had to do a doubletake watching the hockey game tonight.

These images are taken from an article in the USA discussing the increased use of digital ads on live sports broadcasts - so hence the ESPN graphics.

What the boards really look like - various different ads on the boards.

What the boards look like during play from the main game camera

If the CFL and TSN are looking for new or additional revenue streams - this is an obvious one. (I’m sure Bobo with his graphic skills could come up with some creative possiblities. :slight_smile: )

It was already done, the last Argos game had Tims and Kubota ads where the CFL placeholders were.

Vs Bombers with placeholders

Vs Cats with ads in place of CFL placeholders (Argos centrefield logo stays)

Plus from what I'm reading in the hockey forum I frequent. This allows a different set of digital add from the ESPN coverage vs. the Sportsnet broadcast.

It's really the next level of having national commercials at the right audience doesn't matter of the locale.

The live boards advertising will really cater to the local feed and those in attendance.

So yes, this can be a nice bit of revenue for TSN and depending on how the future of cable TV does, this could help increase the rights. Too far down the road to tell.

Mind you since all of the CFL telecasts are national, if this can be implemented further, in stadium advertising could be worth less down the road.

Oh - they did? The last game at BMO or the game in Winnipeg today? If the game at BMO I missed that because I was at that game. lol

In fact now that I think of it - I’ve been at 3 games within 11 or 12 days like alot of Ti-Cats fans who went to that game at BMO last Sunday and our last two home games here. That of course after going six weeks during the summer wthout a game because of our silly home schedule - but I won’t get started on that again.

The two games I am referring to were at BMO, I didn't watch any this weekend, yet. They aren't doing it anywhere else aside from BMO yet, are they?

If I’m not mistaken, the reason for this at BMO is that MLS doesn’t want ads for the Argos or the CFL on their field. Other teams are able to simply paint ads directly on the field.

I’m sure this is the way of the future, though, and on-field ads will more directly target the in-house crowd. If that’s true, teams will get less revenue from these streams. Unless they make up for it with a share of the increase in TV revenue from those digital advertisers.

Has nothing to do with MLS. The city owned stadium is operated by MLSE for the city of Toronto.

Removing paint from a turf field is destructive to the grass so the Argos agreed not to use the paint intensive logos and ads and use only the football line markings. Actually it's the best possible solution for everybody because a few of the fields ie Montreal look terrible and once they figure it out it'll likely become like participating sponsors of TV shows. There's a bunch of possibilities of flexible advertising this could hold for the future.

Didn't realize questioning you continually bringing up other leagues and things that aren't related to the CFL = Mad!

But hey, at least you're consistent.

It could get interesting if TSN starts doing this in fields other than BMO since each team already sells ads on their fields. If TSN starts covering those ads with their own, it will mean a cut in advertising/sponsorship revenues for the teams, and currently that's the fastest-growing revenue steam.

It works at BMO of course, because they don't paint on ads or logos and because Bell owns both the Argos and TSN, so they get the revenue either way.

I wouldn't mind seeing the teams and TSN come to an agreement on selling digital field ads instead of painted ones, allowing for a cleaner field look for fans in the stadium.

Yeah, I imagine the companies buying ads on the boards are not pleased by being wiped out.

It could be quite positive for the clubs with a coordinated advertising policy between the CFL and TSN. It would need to be negotiated so everyone gets a piece of this.

Don't know what the limitations are to this technology but here are some ideas.

During a football game intermission, digitally impose the winter classic game at BMO field during an Argo telecast using the same crowd. Cover the end zone seats at common wealth stadium with a digital image, colour the Argo seats blue, or impose the whales we saw on the field at the Vancouver Olympics with some future product, a Disney ride through center field, a cruise line sailing through the stadium, all of it to increase advertising revenue. Don't know what the limitations are to this technology but it sure looks like the future of advertising. Probably need to go to the US for some "vision" as I don't see Toronto's advertising agencies handling this. They have never been on board with us so leave them behind.