Difficult Friday Night

We don't play until Sunday, which is arguably a good thing, to get a bit of extra "rest", practise and funny plays together, but its a bit odd to be cheering on the Bombers tonight, because it would be handy if they might swat the Als off of our collective backs.

Over many many years, as a fan of the Black and Gold, I've had to hope for wins by others who I couldn't possibly support in any other situation.

Something very odd, but necessary, for the benefit of my Tiger cats.

Sometimes, you just gotta take one for the team!!

The Argos play on Wednesday night and then again on Labour Day but at least they don't have to travel anywhere.
I can't see them beating the Lions. Ray is back but it won't make much difference, the will sputter in front of their usual 12k quiet fans

I think you're right, Jim.

The Bleu team is coming to understand that they really only have one QB that they can count on (RR) to win games, and he's getting elderly and injured a lot. Play at home to their silent fans on Wednesday, take Thursday off, and then only Friday/Saturday to polish up for the brief road trip to THF on Monday is not an 'easy' part of their schedule!

(I don't wish anyone 'injury' but know just how much harder it is to get up and fight again, after a certain age!)

And you're right again, Buono is on a roll, and its very doubtful that the Bleus are the men to put an end to it...I'm hoping that the Cats take it one game at a time, and concentrate on taking Calgary down tomorrow, and then start to lick their chops, at home field against the Division rival, let alone going to BMO and thumping them again, which would be a pretty good win streak, followed by several home games, where we could be the thirteen man and bring them up just a bit more!

Ottawa begins to struggle a bit with QB questions, and I don't think their coaching is as strong as ours presently is...first in the East is within our grasp, and we are not terribly far from proving we can take any Western team.

Both TOR and HAM have 3 games in short 11 day periods coming up, with 2 of the 3 games, in both cases, against each other. TOR 's stretch starts Wednesday at home against BC, followed by the Monday and Sunday games vs. HAM, while the Cats' 2 in a row against TOR is followed quickly by hosting MTL on Friday the 16th. Fortunately, both teams don't travel, other than the QEW bus trips, during these busy stretches in their schedules.

There is a scene from the book "North Dallas Forty",written by Peter Gent, a former Cowboys wide receiver, where an aging football player is getting out of bed the morning after a game.

The way the author describes it, is most painful to read, and even more horrible for the reader to imagine.

Every time, I see a veteran player with an injury, his description comes to mind.

I know it's a tried and true expression, but Hamilton can't afford to look past ANY opponent. They SHOULD take it "one game at a time".

Ottawa has had it easy in this division these last couple of seasons with two starters injured (Collaros and Ray) and the Als without one for most of this same time.

Now, that a couple of these teams have their offensive leaders in place, the REAL picture will emerge.