Different Shade of Blue: Andrew Harris heads to Toronto

TORONTO — Andrew Harris is swapping his Bomber blue for a new shade, agreeing to terms with the Toronto Argonauts on Tuesday.

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Really Nice intro for Andrew by Pinball .

Harris pick up is a good signing for the Argos .

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No huge surprise by now, except maybe for the landing spot. Probably emotional for him leaving his hometown. Loyalty sometimes is hard to come by.

Knew it was going to be difficult keeping him in Winnipeg and although I wish him well in Toronto, think the Blue Bombers will be just fine with Augustine and Oliveira both signing two year contracts.


Absolutely. Sorry to see him go but the Bombers essentially played most of last year without him and Augustine and Oliveira looked great. They can’t keep everyone and the drop off at RB was marginal to non existent. I wish him well.


Only disappointing thing is that Toronto doesn't play in Winnipeg this year, that would have been such a fun game for everyone

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Yes that’s too bad. We were discussing that over on the Bomber forum free agency thread.

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Huge addition for the Argos, provided he can stay healthy and bring it in 2022! With such a great RB on the team, it allows MBT to play within himself and manage games instead of needing to try to air it out and win them all by himself, which he has been known to do.

With Ja'Gared Davis added to an already talented defense and now Harris in the backfield, Toronto should be a tough out. As I mentioned, all they need from MBT is to manage games and not give them away and the rest of the roster will take it from there.


Perhaps Winnipeg can organize a charter flight and hotel pack for Bomber fans to attend Winnipeg vs Toronto

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Certainly can't figure how TO can afford all the PURCHASED talent they have gotten the last 2 years. Pinball must be some negotiator !

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You might even say a wizard :laughing:


Andrew Harris was the heart and soul of the Blue Bombers. When they signed him he was the start of a rebuild that brought the Bombers back to to being respectable. Prior to him Winnipeg went through 29 years of being a pathetic to mediocre team. Starting in 2017 they were gathering momentum to becoming a solid contender. In 2019 Harris carried the team on his back and when they acquired Zach Collaros, he turned out to be the final piece to take them to the Grey Cup. In the Grey Cup game, Harris literally willed the team to victory with his outstanding performance, ending 29 years of misery for the Winnipeg football fans. I have no doubt that the Bombers would not have won the Grey Cup in 2019 without Andrew Harris. I think it is totally disgusting that the Bomber management could not offer Harris a fair offer to resign him so that he could play out his career in his home town for the team that he loves. I think the board of governors should be looking at replacing the management that would allow such a disgusting event like this to happen. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of Bomber fans that feel the same way that I do!

Yeah. Thanks to my getting the schedule wrong. Sorry I got everyone's hopes up like that... even if it was only for a minute or two.

There was nothing left in the ol' Cap to resign our hometown hero. During the Cal Murphy era we had the budget for every superstar he wanted to bring in. Then we found out that the team was going broke. Turns out poor old Cal had burned through our Club's rainy day fund and forgot to put out the fire. He had to go.

We're sad (really really sad) to see Andrew Harris go but our current genius GM is smart enough to know that we couldn't afford him. If there was a way I'm sure Kyle Walters would've found it. :sleepy:

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I agree with most of your words, I mostly disagree with the Bombers should do anything to retain Andrew and replacing management.

This is a business after all, in order to maintain the most of the Bomber's core, sound choices need to be made. I feel what you feel, I want Andrew here in 2022 as well, but to keep Andrew and lets say Kenny, we would have no team in 2022.

I say this with the upmost respect to you. Many times in sports I've been extremely disappointed with the loss of a favorite player, Jets and Bombers. In fact an entire team once.

I personally couldn't let Andrew slip away, I'm just one of his many super fans. Managing a professional football club is extremely difficult and for the betterment of the Bombers overall, sound decisions need to be made.

Again I feel the (your) hurt.


I wonder why we couldn't get AH & one of the other 2.
If talks were more realistic, I'm sure that would have been done.
I'd like to know what he signed for. If he signed in WPG, it'd be well known by now.

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I expect we’ll find out in time.

We are all sad to see Andrew go but my compadres have explained the sound reasoning. I expected that decision and assuming we are tight to the cap, there was really no choice if Harris wouldn’t take the home town discount. Not everyone will and he has every right not to. While he certainly was integral to the 2019 GC win he wasn’t as much last year due to injury and we did just fine. I think it is the job of management to always be looking forward. It would have made no sense to break the bank for Harris, given he realistically won’t play much longer and we would lose one or more other important pieces. Football is still very much a team game and really only a QB can justify a second mortgage on the house.

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Are you sure there would be game tickets available?


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: