Difference in receivers Bombers vs Stamps

It seems for some reason the basement dweller Bombers think they have a better receing core.

Lewis - 80 receptions - 1379 yds
Copeland - 64 receptions - 1211 yds

Stegall - 52 receptions - 1184 yds
Stokes - 58 receptions - 832 yds

Tell me who is better. I guess in defense of the Bomber receivers you could say that the revolving QB's was a problem. But Calgary had a new QB as well and then for three games we had rookies throwing to our receivers. But again win/losses reflect the over all play of the teams.

Last year, I think Calgary had better receivers. We'll have to see how winnipeg does this year without revolving qbs though(if in fact they do stick with one).

u have to say calgary unless u have ur blue and gold glasses on

Calgary alos was at a disadvantage many posters on here even said it would take half a season before the receivers and Hank would be on the same page. July 23 the coming out party Riders butts kicked all over the field and many Hank sucks t shirts found in garbage cans ha ha ha. Then three games with out Hank and raw rookies in there and we won 2 out of 3 games there. Milt is a very good receiver not sold on Stokes.If Winnipeg can fill some of those holes and get a QB that can move the offense then we will see. The defensive linebackers and backs are also a question. Scott Taylor a reporter from Winnipeg was saying it is sad when the bright spot on the team was a kicker. But we will see the Stamps did it but then again we filled the holes with very good players.

We didn't have a real chance last season, but we are getting fixed to do battle in 06.


the stamps are only going to get better with Boericter coming back

"Difference between Stamps and Bomber receivers."

Stamps receivers actually catch the ball.

Ah Milt made some great catches and really on that Bomber team he did good considering the only other good player is Roberts.

Guess you dont remember Petersen and McGarity.

Oh that was very dirty! Hankthetank did you here this. Keep those plastic knives away from Hankthetank. And pappa take those bifocals off so you do not read that.


We'll have to wait and see what both teams end up coming out of
training camp this yr before anyone can claim to be better.

Last yr was no contest.

Exactly but Hankthetank says the Bombers top two receivers were better then the Stamps so the stats tell the tale. Hankthetanks reply Stats do not mean anything it is potential. Yikes some one draw picture will you.

He's entitled to his opinion. Thankfully we dont have to agree.

Yes that is very true!

Calgary receivers hands down,

Although Winnipeg receivers were at a disadvantage not having a proven starting QB throwing the ball to them.

And unless they improve that position this year, you can have whoever you want running pass patterns, but it won't make a difference if you are still missing that proven QB!

clearly hank was pulling your chain RW05…Stokes only played half the season at slot, he was our best receiver game in and game out during that stretch, Brazzell became invisible and Milt was double teamed most nights, he still lead the league in TD’s I believe, not bad for a guy on a last place team with first year starting QB’s to work with, in fact that is bloody amazing, maybe hank aint so carzy after all…

Thats real nice your team was still in last place in the basement so what is your point piggy.

now now red, the basement was not the point, the receivers were, Milt had a great season with the deck stacked against him, as did your boys, but given the circumstances surrounding both teams, I think Milt's accomplishments are greater considering........

I agree Milt was amazing and he just keeps on ticking. Without Milt and Roberts the white flag would have been waved earlier in the season. I just needed to bug your friend Hankthetank a bit. Does he have something wrong where goes for a walk and gets lost I hope not nice fellow. If he does my search and rescue dogs are available!

Bombers are better, nuh said.