Difference in players between CFL and NFL

Different players suit each style of game.

Ricky Williams is the perfect example. One of the top RBs in the NFL. He's compact(5'10"), and very strong(220). He isn't quick enough for the CFL where running through holes and shredding defences with your speed is the priority, not charging at the defensive line and trying to squeek out 3 yards. While Williams is the ideal NFL running back, Charles Roberts would be the ideal CFL RB. 5'6", 170 pounds, lightening-quick, amazing acceleration.

A similar argument can be made for quarterbacks. In the CFL height is far less important, than down south. Sure it is an asset, but speed is just as important. CFL QBs need to be able to scramble out of the pocket and get 6-7 yards. This is what made Doug Flutie successful in the CFL, and his lack of height is what made him overlooked in the NFL. While watching an NFL pre-season game and saw a 260 pound quarterback! Believe me! If he is cut by his NFL team there is no way he will end up in the CFL! He just wouldn't be quick enough.

Linemen: While NFL linemen are big, strong beasts(some with the help of scientific enhancement), CFL linemen are also big and strong, but with the 20 second play clock and larger field, endurence is also a requirement. The NFL linemen might be bigger and stronger, but again each kind of player is suited to their respective game.

See, it is these differences that set our leagues apart and make it so each league enjoys having the best players in each style of play.

Add to that the fact that there are only 8 CFL teams and you can easily see why, with far less money at their disposal, the CFL is an Equally entertaining product.

I do know one thing though...it pays to be an NFL player...just like it pays to be a CFL fan!!!

Good post!

I've thought about this before, and I've always generalized it like this...

In the NFL size is more important than speed, and in the CFL, speed is more important than size.

Both are important in both leagues, but speed is MORE important in the CFL, and size is MORE important in the NFL.

Look at Charles Roberts, he is a superstar in the CFL, a 2 time league rushing champion, but no NFL team would ever give him a try out. And like you say, Ricky Williams is more suited to the NFL.

How do you explain Flutie, Fernandez, etc. Players who did well in both leagues. There are many, I just remember most of them now.

Flutie fits the bill of 'Canadian style' player, but he is just so talented that he could make it in the NFL too, even though its not as suited to him.

No NFL team would really give him a chance at first because of his lack of size.

Flutie didn't get to play as much as I thought he should. He got screwed around in Buffalo.

Fernadez was a star up here. Down in Oakland he was just another receiver. (He did well, but didn't light things up like he did here.)

Warren Moon was probably the best player to star in both leagues.

Joe Theisman did well in Toronto, and then quickly did well in Washington.

Even Ricky said the talent is just as good.

ricky williams is struggling, because the cfl doesnt test for roids, and many linebacker and linemen are on roids, the nfl tests for roids, so everyone is on an even playing field, but the clf is a haven for drug users, so many players juice up and and are able to play better, thats why ricky is struggling, also many cfl players cant make nfl teams, because its hard for them to adjust playing football without roids.

ricky williams is struggling because he is not the best CFL rb in the league, maybe not even the best on his team although i have never been an avery fan. if i was the gm and could choose any rb in the league at an equal level of pay i would choose at least 4 rb before even considering ricky williams and after that it is a toss up with the remaining starters.

You're being modest Blackdale. You'd choose Roberts in a heartbeat( so would I) over Williams.

Are you that naive to think that there are no steroids in the NFL?

The NFL linemen are roid raging! New steroids are being created every year, some with the sole purpose of conceiling other, more prominent steroids. The testing is very outdated, even olympic testing is outdated. This difference is the olympics spend lots of money on improving their testing while the NFL is slow in updating their tests.

At least 3/5 NFL linemen are on steroids. Have you ever heard of Bill Romanowski? Have you ever heard of the Carolina Panthers 'miraculous' Super Bowl run after being bottom dwellers the year before. (I forget the year) Well, they found presciptions for steroids on all of the Panthers players, even the kicker.

Neither Romanowski, nor the Panthers, nor any one else in the NFL has any trouble getting around the Jurassic steroid tests.

There may be steroids in the CFL, but I can guarantee that they are far less prominent. Mostly because the money isn't the same as in the NFL.

i would put roberts, edwards, reynolds, and ranek ahead of williams, avery, davis, and new lion joe tied with him and keith and warren below.


theres a new article about something similar in nature..here it is:

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/News/2006/08/22/1769584-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 4-sun.html[/url]

Call it yet another failed NFL-related experiment.

When suspended NFL running back Ricky Williams signed with the Toronto Argonauts, someone suggested that he would rush for as much as 4,000 yards this CFL season. Williams had 231 yards on 57 carries in five games before suffering a fractured arm. And the presence of the Miami Dolphins' property, who once tore up the NFL, has not even translated to increased attendance at the Rogers Centre.

That had some recalling the days when the Montreal Alouettes signed such high-profile NFL types as quarterback Vince Ferragamo, receiver Billy (White Shoes) Johnson and running back David Overstreet. Not only did that experiment also fail miserably, the Als declared bankruptcy the following season (1982).

"A lot of people underestimate how good our game is," ex-Als receiver Peter Dalla Riva told the Montreal Gazette recently. "It's much more wide open and you have to be a better all-round athlete (than an NFLer) ...

"They thought all the NFL guys were going to come up here and tear up the league. It's the American way to always think they're the best."

Williams has actually had a negative effect on the Argos, Dalla Riva suggested.

"He upset the apple cart in Toronto," he said. "They're a veteran team that won the Grey Cup two years ago and I think his arrival disrupted the team."

YAWNERS: Having said that, the plays that excite crowds have been fewer and farther between this CFL season, resulting in more NFL-like outings.

"You just don't have the big plays on offence any more because it's hard to go over the top," Stampeders quarterback Henry Burris told the Calgary Herald. "There's a lot of 10- and 12-play drives and that's what defences want you to do. They're playing a lot of that Cover 4 (four men deep) -- not allowing the deep stuff.

"In the CFL game, your percentages dip when you have to go 10, 12 plays because you get impatient. There's so much field to work with and you want to take that shot."

Both passing yardage and passing touchdowns per game are down from this point last year.

No, there are documents showing that BALCO(Bonds' supplier) gave him 'The Cream', 'The Clear', THG and EPO. All designer steroids and until recently impossible to detect.(although still impossible under NFL testing)

Balco is just some cover up by the government to attack athletes, its overblown, blah blah blah. The nfl has players on roids , no doubt about it, but the nfl at least tries to prevent it with its testing, rehab, treatment, and drug prevention education, the cfl completely ignores this issue.

Also people say that the cfl is so good, if the cfl is so good, why are the blue bombers using some qb named quinn who hasn't passed a football in five years, why did the argos sign eric crouch? he is a runningback and not a true passing QB, the argos had to force some burger guy to come outta retirement and they tried to get doug flutie, obviously the cfl lacks talent if it forces teams to beg 40-year-olds to come out of retirement.

They didn't beg any one to come out of retirement, Flutie was pondering it voluntarily. And only because the top 3 QBs were injured.

And all that nonsense you just said about Balco and the government is stupid, you would say anything to stand up to your beloved NFL.

Hey, I like the NFL and I watch it. But you should really give the CFL a chance,(as in watching at least a full game) it really isn't as bad as you think.

Ah, the good ol' goverment conspiracy: last rhetorical refuge of 40-year-old virgins.

Sorry wrong!

That's not it at all..

I have been around many training camps and seen many QB's come from the American Colleges that have not been able to make it!

They say here, that for a New Rookie QB it takes 3-5 seasons to properly learn the Canadian game and adjust yourself to the rules and the major difference between NFL and CFL games.

It's truly amazing.. You think that this rookie QB comes into camp and will blow everyone away, yet he either gets cut in training camp, or they see something in him and they keep him as 3rd string QB. and then they teach him the game...

There's a major difference when an American bred QB comes to the CFL...

that's why. Many QB's that come up here from the glorious USA :lol: Don't have what it takes to make the transition here.

And Eric Crouch was amazing, he won the Heisman trophy and just wasn't big enough to QB in the NFL.

His combination of skill and speed make him perfect for the CFL though, and although he is the Argos 4th QB, and injured, he filled in nicely in the 1 game he was needed.

I quite agree, and I wish the CFL could pay players a little more, but not as much as 10+ million a year, that's just BS.