Difference Between Hockey and Football

The Ticat running back gets a brutal leg injury.
But its part of the game.
No inquiries or hand wringing needed.
And the game goes on.

The Ticat lineman levels and hurts Brian Bratton and showboats after.
Yet no outrage or calls for supensions or rule changes.
Because its part of the game.

Yet for hockey, any player who gets hurt or showboats, and it becomes a national issue.
If one player levels another the media starts calling for suspensions and more rule changes.

Very strange how differently the games are treated these days.
Both are tough violent games. Always have been.
But for some reason the media wants to pu$$ify one.
While with the other its just part of the game?
I don't get it

I agree. There are double-standards everywhere in sports. People seem to be crying about banning MMA when they see a little blood. Then when someone dies in an Indy car race, it’s obviously a tragedy but the same cry-babys seem to accept this.

I'm sure they would complain if the point of IndyCar was to drive your car into the catch fencing and see what happens..

For one sport it's a tragic accident, for the other it's the entire point of the sport. Not even close to comparable.

All sports are dangerous.
Seems our media does so much hand wringing over hockey.
Yet here's this Ticats lineman doing a jig after nailing and injuring a guy, and nothing is said.
Meanwhile it happens in a hockey game and we have to have a national forum on how to change the game?
LIke enough already

when is the last time a hockey player helped an opposing player up from the ice, of patted him on the shoulder to say good play or good effort or nice move, etc.

You've got a point there FYB. The sporting culture is very different in football. If a player went over to the opposing team bench in the NHL, even if it was to say hello to an ex teammate, it would probably cause a fight to break out, or he'd get a penalty for instigating. Yet, in football this happens all the time.

Actually a lot of people are complaining at IndyCar, because those cars should never have been on a high banked track like that. There's a real push to not do that again, because the cars just aren't designed for it and its reckless.

And also, there's no play in football where the point is to put on a show by punching someone in the head. That stuff's not hockey, it's just a sideshow to sell tickets and you could ban it without harming hockey at all (in fact given more roster spots for actual players you'd likely improve things).

But while we're doing these nonsense comparisons, I've heard that apples are a lot better then Ferraris. Care to elaborate?

they aren't showboating towards the player that they nailed. they're cheering and celebrating, getting his team pumped and the fans pumped up!

he's not rubbing it in against his opponents.

The main concern about injuries in the NHL seems to be the long term effects of head injuries, concussions in particular, to hockey players. The media and league brass in both the NFL and the CFL have been discussing the effects of concussions for quite some time now. Some players are using new helmets intended to lessen the impact to the head. Matt Dunnigan doesn't even want his own kid playing football. The talk is there about head shots in football just like it is in hockey.

Also, hockey players are on skates, which means they can be moving at a much higher speed than footballers. I would guess this increases the potential damage done due to an impact in hockey (as a consequence of Newton's second law, I think), so it's possibly more urgent that something is done to minimize the most damaging kinds of impacts in hockey.

Bingo FYB. My wife loves football for this and can't stand hockey because it doesn't have the discipline of football and likes to see guys get tossed for boxing while playing the sport they are supposed to play.

Hockey glorifies a guy like Don Cherry who spends most of his time "analyzing" the fights in a game. Football, thankfully, doesn't have people "analyzing" games like this.

Forgot, my wife also loves football because she can see tight butts on the speed guys, always have to remember that, while in hockey the frumpy pants don't do it for her. :wink:

I don't get how so many people in Canada get turned on so much with hockey but to each his own. I do enjoy the game though will admit but will take football in a heartbeat, 3 or 4 down variety.

it has to do with being Canadian and winter.

if we were living in the same area as California we'd be Football and Baseball central.

I get than cfl, I know and the culture of every little town having their own rink and every neighbourhood in cities as well and a meeting place so to speak in the winter for parents watching their kids play hockey, well, I get it, my Dad took me and my brothers to hockey all the time. Minor football or any other sport in Canada can’t really match this cultural thing because even though say soccer has the most kids playing, it’s more of something to do with the kids to keep them active whereas I don’t think any sport other than hockey matches the intensity of the parents watching their kids play hockey, most of them really have an illusion their kid is going to make the big time NHL and money.

And that is all great but as an adult I can make a judgement that I just don’t like the game as much as football from a spectator aspect and wish in many ways Canada had more of a football culture for kids.

I live in a hockey city, where 25,000 have 4 hockey rinks plus 3 outdoor rinks. The thing that is making hockey an elitist sport is the cost for your kid to play hockey year after year. If you as a parent want to give your kid any chance of making pro NHL some day, you will spend at least $1,000 per season for him to play AA or AAA hockey. Because no kid makes pro by playing house league.

Now with football, you don't have AAA football. It's just different age levels and the cost for a kid is at most $300-400.

You make it by either going to a college and trying out or getting a scholarship and being invited to a school.

Just look at the average age that an experienced NFL lives too. Mid 60s if I recall. Look at the retired guys who pop pills every day to deal with the pain, or who are now in wheel chairs. Football is a tough sport at the professional level and probably tougher on the body at the end of the day then hockey.

Really? You make squat in the CFL, big coin in the NFL and NHL. If you play college ball in the USA, I think you have spent a ton of money to get there. I don't see it any different than hockey in this country. You need to compare apples to apples, I terms of the path you take to get to the big salaries in each sport. Add in MLBA and NBA to that list as well.

Game moves too fast for that. You have to understand that there is alot of respect out there in hockey, just like football. There is no love in at the end of the game, but that is just the way it is. Hand shakes only after playoff series end. Has nothing to do with lack of respect. And yes there are aholes in hockey, just like football. In fact elite players in the NFL seem to have this attitude they are better than other players, which I don't see in hockey. Brett Favre, Payton Manning, Primetime, Ochocinco etc. vs Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Steve Yzerman, etc down to earth superstars.

Guys love the game cause if you ever played it, it is so much fun and moves so fast. That's why it is so popular here. And you can play street hockey for next to nothing, same as floor hockey. I love me all.

This is a football site so posters are more biased towards football but let's not throw Hockey under the Bus without giving it some credit! What's were you doing during the gold medals hockey games in Vancouver???

dunno. when was that??

do you have any idea how much a football player who is in High School has to spend in Canada?


there's no fee to join, all the equipment is available to use, he gets to go get his HS education and play football.

if he's REALLY good and gets a scholarship, he pays nothing to go the the US and play college ball.

majority of the players who make the pro's from College usually got a scholarship to play.

gotta remember there are a lot of College football players that never get a taste of pro ball.

When I played, we didn't have HS football in BC. It was city league, and there was a fee of about $180, plus the cost of a mouth guard and cleats. All pads and uniforms were supplied. Not much money compared to hockey. Our travel was covered by the league, which did fund-raising.

In hockey, I played goal, and our minor hockey did not supply goalie gear, as some other minor hockey associations did. In addition to the fees, we also had to pay travel costs. The cost difference was astronomical. The difference in costs were enough that I ditched hockey altogether (even though by the age of 10, I was elevated to play in the next age group up, on the rep team, and still had the best GAA in the league). My folks just couldn't afford it. How far could I have gone? Who knows. Doesn't matter, because we couldn't afford to find out.

So football and baseball it was.

When it came to college, though, I have to disagree with one of CFL's points. I was offered a scholarship to play football at an NCAA Div I school. Maybe its changed now, but at the time, because I was a foreign student, the scholarship could NOT include applicable "out of state" fees. These fees added up to more money than it would have cost for me to attend UBC or SFU and pay full price! So no, at least at that time, even with the fullest scholarship that the school could offer, I could not attend a US college and play football for free.

But the basic point remains...I played four full years of football for under $1000, whereas hockey would have cost close to or more than ten times that amount for the same period of time.

And I loved every minute of it!