Difference Between Argos and TFC Championships

Argos plays in a national league. TFC is regional
Grey Cup is a nationally recognized event. MLS Cup only matters in city its in.
Grey Cup gets 4.5 million viewers. MLS Cup wont' get one million
CFL is a major league in Canada. MLS is a minor league
Thus Argos championship much more important to Canadians then MLS by a wide margin

I'm not terribly interested in getting in another pissing contest with MLS/TFC, I'm happy for them and their victory, but honestly there's been very little buzz over the TFC championship. Granted there was much less for the Grey Cup then there would be for a World Series or Stanley Cup (the whole GTA would be flipped upside down in those cases) but I think TFC still suffers the same issues the Argos do, outside of their core fanbase people in general don't really care.

An interesting thing I noticed last night was that when Jozy Altidore was addressing the crowd, he said "I know there's been a lot of suffering with this team and the other teams in the city". When he said other teams there was noticeable booing from the crowd. Was that a shot at the Argos? Sometimes it seems like TFC fans (not all) think they're the only team that matters in the city. Soccer fans are like that in general I find. They expect soccer to be the huge sport while everything else is relegated to niche levels. Not gonna happen here I'm afraid

Well of course the Grey Cup game would have bigger ratings. The Grey Cup has been around for 100+ years and has had teams across the country competing for it giving them 100 years to build a national fan base. I'm 58 and have maybe missed 5 Grey Cups in my entire lifetime having been a lifelong CFL fan - being just 12 years old when I had Ti-Cats season tickets for the first time.

The MLS Cup is only 22 years old, in a league that has existed in Canada for only 10 years when Toronto entered the league in 2007 adding Montreal and Vancouver just 5 years ago.

Considering they've only been around ten years in Toronto and five in Montreal and Vancouver and in each of those 3 cities are drawing crowds as big and often bigger than the 3 CFL teams in those cities - the MLS must be thrilled. Ten years ago anybody predicting the MLS would be drawing crowds even anywhere close to the CFL in Canada's 3 biggest cities - I would have told you they were crazy.

And FYI - to correct something from the last post. No the crowd did not noticeably boo when Altidore said that. When I just read that I went back to watch that moment. I have the game on PVR and even cranked the volume on my surround sound speakers - and there is no booing at all.

Entirely different gestalts especially considering that there are only 3 MLS teams in Canada and no more on the horizon here where the CFL is stable with 9 franchises here with the ability to expand more in Canada. But with the price tag of MLS franchises and their stipulation of soccer-specific stadiums, that's all she wrote in Canada for the MLS I'd say for a very long time. I don't believe any Canadian cities are on the MLS expansion radar, I might be mistaken but I don't think so. Mind you 3 is better than just 1 as in the NBA Raptors and 1 in MLB and the Jays.

Argos Grey Win = A rally with a few thousand people.
TFC MLS Cup Win = Parade going through the city.

Toronto FC is MUCH more popular in this city (I'm not saying south western ontario/hamiltonor wherever).

No doubt about it the TFC is more popular, easily, but again as I say, Toronto is just one city in Canada and long term, MLS only has 3 teams in Canada with no more on the horizon, CFL 9 teams with perhaps one or two more and an iconic Canadian sporting trophy that WILL last the test of time. Every year there will be a football celebration of a Canadian city winning the Grey Cup. Every year as long as the CFL has Canadian cities only in the league.

And them's the facts.

Toronto thinks that whatever matters most in Toronto matters most for the country. Think again there. The Toronto bubble is exactly that, the Toronto bubble.

Toronto, and Pat you need to read this, Toronto you are one city in Canada, ONE. The smart people in Toronto get that, the stupid people in Toronto don't get that.

Is the MLS more popular than the CFL in Montreal? When I was in Vancouverin September it seemed like the White Caps were more popular than the Lions.

Again, only 3 teams the MLS has in Canada so even if the Caps, TFC and Impact are more popular than their CFL counterparts, there is no more expansion of MLS in Canada. MLS is in a no-growth scenario in Canada with more teams, and everybody knows this because the price tag of franchises now are eliminating the growth in Canada. Hey that's smart on the part of MLS though, what they covet is an American based NFL type TV contract and Canadian teams don't add to that. I bet Garber hates it when a Canadian team is in the MLS Cup, adds nothing to what the league is looking for with an American TV contract to match the NFL.

Toast, and again, them's the facts. Look at this way, if the MLS has to rely on Canada to make their league relevant in the US compared with the NFL, the league is doomed.

How are these facts? They are your strong opinions and you are trying to pass them off as facts. Not that I don't agree with you that more expansion in Canada won't likely happen. Honestly, they have checked off the three major cities in Canada so do they really need more expansion?

The fact is the CFL can expand wherever they want but when your major market teams can fold on a whim is not good for long term stability. MLS is ONLY 22 years old and is growing quickly; the CFL has been around for 100 years and we should not be having this conversation but we are.

What’s your definition of a major market? The tiny province of Saskatchewan, which some Torontonians probably don’t what that is, has a much better stadium than TFC in the MLS. How can that be in a “minor” Canadian market and in a domestic Canadian league at that? You probably don’t know this, only after the Leafs and Habs but true CFL fans know the story:

CFL Roughriders Rank Third in Canadian Sports Merchandise Sales


Look, I love Toronto but just not true Canadiana as a whole in all situations but I know, many in Toronto don’t get that.

Great.. Just what we need. Another new poster who just happens to show up to tell us how the CFL is done but soccer is the greatest thing ever. Glad to see that the troll gets wifi under the bridge.

can't believe on a CFL forum we have people who trash the CfL LOL. I was just making apoint that CFL is a major league in Canada despite what the media and the bashers try to imply. Its our national pro league. The others are just regional teams that only that region cares about.


Perhaps I was hearing things, or there was speaker feedback...just something I thought I heard. Important thing is that the stadium has 2 championship teams and Dean Blundell can kiss my

Ok, I'm missing something. What did Altidore say or not say or whomever that was controversial? :-\ And what's up with the booing? I didn't watch the game, had other plans as in being with the wife and our cats in the backyard with some drinks on a gorgeous December afternoon, but did watch the Sportscentre highlights and didn't notice anything???

I have been watching the CFL since the early 80s. I don't even post much on these boards I usually just read posts. I have always had this stance on the Argos not really dissing the league like some people here are about other leagues.

I love my city. If other Canadian cities don't want to expand their sports base than that is up to them. I would never EVER want Toronto to go back to the sports scene we had in like say the 1960s.

No need to be all butt hurt and hate on Toronto.

Still not getting it though.

The Argos play a man's sport in a man's league the CFL!

MLS soccer...

Earl nobody booed anything and nothing was controversial. Argos0906 thought he had heard booing - but there wasn't actually any booing. .

What Altidore said as he was presented as the MVP of the game and was carried over the stadium speakers was.....

Toronto - I just want to say on behalf of the team, staff, everybody - this is the greatest city in the world. (which received a huge roar from the crowd).

You guys have been through a lot in this city whether its us other sports alot of long suffering. This is for you guys man - we love you guys'.