Difference Between a Bad CFL GAme and a Bad NFL Game?

While perusing the sports pages today, I've discovered what differs a bad CFL game from a bad NFL game.
The difference is a bad CFL game means the league sucks and rules must be changed to drastically alter the game beyond recognition. Ala the NHL.
While a bad NFL game is attributed to great defence.
Figure that one out?

Well last night's game cured my insomnia!!!
Thanks NFL!!! :lol:

Wow you know I am just flabbergasted. I will remember that lone touchdown like it was yesterday! I do not believe I have been so excited in watching a game. (reaction of a TO Bills fan)
What the hell was that? They call that football? (my reaction to last nights game) I felt I wasted my time watching football last night.

I bailed on the game in the second quarter. Yawn.

I guess if you are a defensive fan or like watching washington loose it was a good game. I enjoyed the game cause I hate the Skins. I defend the CFL all the time here in the states and even created some fans for the CFL. But I like to hear from fans who appriciates football from the CFL and NFL. I like both. Dont tell, but i like the CFL better. Because its hard to watch fair catch in the NFL. I love the excitement of the kicking game in the CFL. But expect some games to be boring in the nfl and expect some exciting games. So please remeber the fans who like both leagues before bashing the NFL.

I do agree with you, but the same can be said for fans of the NFL who think the CFL sucks just cause, and have never watched a CFL game ever.

Ah, the No Fun League. A sure-fire cure for insomnia. Between the 100-hour play clock and the four downs, the actual amount of football you see feels like about 5 minutes relative to the length of the broadcast.

...Detroit plays Atlanta this Sunday....the score will be 6 to 3 for Detroit...come Monday, if you didn't see the game you might think 'wow, that must have been a great defensive battle'...it won't be...

Oh man, the game last night was like slow motion, I can only get into the NFL when our much faster paced CFL is over with the GC and only then when I retrain my brain into a slower NFL game can I really enjoy it although I will watch some games nevertheless.


I love the NFL. Not like the CFL, though. But that was the most boring game i have seen in a while.

The difference between a bad CFL game and band NFL game?


A bad game is a bad game is a bad game. "Our League" or theirs, it's still a bad game.

But... You would need to have an understanding of the nuances of both leages, and be a football fan to get that.

not just a NFL, CFL, NCAA, or CIS fan. nope. a football fan.

The difference between a football fan, and a CFL or NFL fan?

A football fan will watch a game, and enjoy all the differnt dimensions of what's happening on the field for 60 minutes, because it's a game of football. for love of the sport.

A CFL, OR NFL Fan will watch a game and say; "there needs to be less kicking, there should be more sustained drives" or "they have possession for way to long, the scores not high enough" or "what is this? the shoot out at the OK Coral? where's the defence?"

They seldom stop to consider, why that drive took so long, or end so quickly? why are they punting and not going for three? Why is the score so low, or high? Why is the time of possession even or lop-sided?

Each different league is a different style of game, and each game of the season has it's own pulse, ebb and flow.

see, most fans and writers root for a team, or pump up a league, but not the sport. Football fans love the game, wherever, whenever, however the sport is played, and take into account the differences, and momentum of the game being played. they talk about why a game ends like it does. not rip it apart for how it ended.

It's just too bad it's so hard to find football fans.

I can appreciate good football, and it does not have to be high scoring. But last night was BORING. It almost seems like there isn't enough space for sub par talented teams to make plays. Can't wait for ATL/DET :rolleyes:

[b][i]VIVA LA CFL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



CFL! CFL! CFL! CFL! CFL! CFL! CFL! CFL![/i] [/b]

The thing about the NFL games in Toronto is that it features the Bills, so I expect them to be either snoozefests or blowout games where the opponent slobberknockers the Bills. If that what the Toronto NFL fans want, they can have it.

Bashing the NFL no one needs to do that. It is a product of a different style. Now if you what exciting footbal you watch the CFL. If you really do not care and just love any kind of football you watch the NFL or Arena football.

I turned on the game and couldn't even watch five minutes of it - it was boring.

I won't bash the NFL - but like Earl, I can' watch it until after CFL play is over. The NFL helps me through CFL withdrawal and by watching after the Grey Cup, I can see in the NFL standings which games might be worth watching and which ones are best to avoid.

Watching most NFL games in comparison to CFL games is like watch a Car Race with the pace car on the track as opposed to racing under green flag conditions.

NFL looks better to me from November to Feb.

And let's not bash the NFL game - it lowers us to the same level as many NFL fans and their often unqualified comments about the Canadian game!

I watch the NFL once College football is done. Even college ball is better at least you can see some up and coming players for both pro leagues. But the NFL I have to be almost tired of watching football to watch a full NFL game.

U.S. or Canadian College ball?

So I'm not the only one who's thought of this. The Bills might actually be decent this year but the Miami Dolphins are the worst team in the league. You'd think Ted, Phil and the boys would have tried to get a "good game" for the dates.