Dieter Brock Memory

Okay, good. Glad it’s not just me then.

I was like, ‘who’s that in the booth with Rod and Matt, Marilu Henner??’

You pretend to be an insider yet you have so many ridiculous inaccuracies in your 'FACTS" it is hard to take you seriously.
ie: O’Shea has NEVER been a coach or coordinator before being a HC
Glenn has NEVER been to a GC.
Fascination with derogatory nicknames for those obviously more successful than you

Lyle Style mentioned Trump.

It is on topic by the fact that Brock wanted to jump to the USFL so bad.

A league that Trump ruined.

.....Brock had a cannon for an arm.....He could laser them to the receivers that's for sure but didn't see the success he should have due to poor coaching....He always regrets the statement he made concerning the Wpg. Zoo...(one of the best in the country)...His take was 'you can only go to Assinboine Park just so many times, then it gets boring'...Peggers didn't take too kindly to that remark and it wasn't long after that he was ushered out of the Peg (It wasn't the remark he made but that the Bombers wanted to move on)...Any way glad to see him get the recognition....very deserving. :thup:

I also seem to remember Brock signing a $1 million dollar contract, which was rare in the CFL in the early 80s. It was a five-year deal, so not that spectacular.

Funny thing is, 35 years later it's probably still possible to find starting QBs in the league making something in the $200k per year range. (I'm thinking of guys like Jennings or Nichols - no idea what their actual salary is - and probably even Glenn, given that the Bombers will apparently save money switching Willy out for him.)

I've always kind of wondered how Winnipegers would react to Brock coming back. I arrived in Winnipeg in 82 just as the end was coming. It was rumoured that he showed up at playoff games with his car packed ready to leave town right after that game if they lost because he was that anxious to get out of town. I can still remember a tee shirt I saw someone wearing with the slogan "Dieter makes me Ralph". Glad to see he was warmly received.
BTW, did he visit the zoo while he was in town?

I remember him. Not fondly though

A classic first post
Short but clearly makes its point
Almost a haiku

Rhymes with Brock’s Hair.

Moon went on to be a All Star and NFL hall of famer. Brock ummmm no. Futie ummmmmm no

Every game Moon was a force. Absolutely. Joe Theismen QUOTE. One of the best QB;s of his time in NFL.

Moon got the passing game going.