Dieter Brock Memory

One of the best to ever play in the CFL.

Along with Bombs Don Jonas, has proved you do not need to win a Championship to prove greatness.

Here is my DB memory.

It was 1983. He wanted out of his Bomber contract so he could join Ray Jauch in Washington.
That being the Washington Federals of the USFL.

They did not let him out of his contract, so what did he do ?
Went to the Bombers camp everyday wearing a Feds t-shirt. :lol:

Of all his great plays and CFL career, that is what I think of every time I hear his name.

Then in 84 he is traded to the Cats. Then got clobbered in the Grey Cup by the Tom Clements led Bombs.
Bet he regrets that move.

His hair was glowing.

Definitely had some "Trump Tint" going on. Anyways, he's far more articulate than Trump and can throw the ball 93 yards.

Trumpy's smallish hands can't even grip the pigskin!

Speaking of Trump, it was his fault my USFL folded.

As a result I only have 1 football league to follow.

One of my best memories of Dieter Brock was watching him a day after he got out of hospital from back spasms as he launched 50+ yard bombs into the teeth of a howling wind at Exhibition Stadium in front of almost 55,000 fans (about 15,000 - 20,000 from Hamilton) in the1983 Eastern final against Condredge Holloway and the Argos. My Cats lost one of the best Eastern Finals ever played - a game in which Brock was amazing.

Tomorrow I'll make my first visit for a football game on the site of that game since the late 80's - as I head into TO to cheer on my Cats at BMO Field.

:thup: Good man! :thup:

Yeah dieter Brock was great. He sure could throw the ball, I remember him well.

Ralph "Dieter" Brock suffered the indignity of not being a particularly bright QB - plus he had some of the worst mopes in bomber history as his coaches.

If I recall:

Bud Riley (a spectacular super dud)
Ray Jauch (a selfish self-imploder)

any others?

Apparently he wanted out of Winnipeg really bad. Yet now he loves it all?

Yeah ok... :roll:

Things happen , not everybody lived their life perfectly like you !
Lets talk about Rider fans booing Ron Lancaster off the field in his last game in Regina !!! Way to send a legend out the right way :thup:

30 for 30 - Small Potatoes: Who Killed the USFL?

How is this on topic ? :?

Bout the same as Lancaster in Regina

That was in response to Brock leaving WPG. Who cares about that garbage league that was USFL ? 4 down football :thdn:

Apparently brihind88 did

I remember Dieter winning the MOP award in 1980 and 1981.

The more commonly held view these days is that Warren Moon was hands down the best player in the league during the six years he played here. In actual fact, for three of those years another QB won the MOP award (Holloway too) before Moon finally got his first one in his last season (1983). And for his first couple of seasons, he wasn't even the starting QB on his own team.

But Moon was a great player who played on some great teams. I wonder how the Esks dynasty would have fared - or the Bombers - had there been a Moon-for-Brock trade in the late 1970s?

Brock was the better pure passer than Moon . Moon could get out of the pocket and make plays . Brock probably is most underrated QB of all time in the cfl.

I still can't get over the flaming red hair. :slight_smile:

I remember Brock in the NFL as a 34 year old rookie. He did reasonably well as the starter but after the loss in the playoffs, the fans treated him like a bum which in my opinion was unfair.

I remember that, too.