Diesbourg Rumors?

A while ago there were rumors going around that the bombers might make one of their infamous crazy signings on this Diesbourg. Is it all a rumor or will we get some solid leg in the PK spot?

he was taken off the neg list.......

...and replaced by a a great potential kicker....out of Laval I believe...can't remember his name...does someone else know????

what about that guy that kicked a 50 yarder for 1 million dollars?

…that was Diesbourg Kanga…

What a joke that was, i cant belive they put him on neg. list, thats just sad… :frowning:

Guess they just wanted to get a bit of publicity by putting him on neg.

ah, see, everybody has already forgoten him already!

Jerome Alix
Matthew Leblanc?

I google searched is one of those him?