Diedrick traded to Rival Ticats

Thanks DD. Hard working player who was much appreciated by his teammates. Not sure why we helped the Ticats got to trust the BOSS Jim Popp.

If so, this trade tells me that Patrick Lavoie is ready to return.


Good guy, good teammate, but in the end, Diedrick was never anything more than an average player. Lavoie pretty much outperformed Diedrick in every way, and in his first pro season to boot. With non-imports Lumbala and Messam as well on the roster, Diedrick probably just became expendable. I'd say good job to Popp for actually getting something by trading Diedrick (who's also getting up there in years), as opposed to simply releasing him.

I think this trade was done as a favor to him for all the years he gave the Als because it gives us absolutely nothing and it fixes a real hole for the Ticats in addition to giving them a lot of insight into what we are doing on offense.

What are we running, a charity ward? I can't stand this trade. We get less than nothing for trading Diedrick while helping Hamilton fill a roster need and providing them with someone who knows our new offense. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Looks to me like Jim Popp is more worried about whether players like him than doing what's best for the team...

Fourth round pick in an expansion year. More than Winnipeg got for Hefney :thup:

But again, what’s the point of this trade? Are we suddenly hurting for draft picks? Why did we have to trade a fullback who knows all about our offense to a division rival? Especially this early in the year?

It's a good trade for the Als. I never expected that they would receive a 2014 fourth round draft choice. Yes, every year is different, but this year's fourth round picks-Boulay and Klassen- are on the active roster.

Without injuries to Patrick Lavoie and Jerome Messam,Dahrran Diedrick would have been released. As I wrote last week, the Als cannot keep 7 players on 1 game injury list; with the imminent return of Patrick someone has to be released. They could not add Dahrran to injured list. Cap issues.

The Als did not trade Josh Bourke or Jeff Perrett but a 34 years old FB who gained 841 yards in seven seasons with the Als. A good special teams player,but the Als have much more younger players to fill the gap.


I would tend to agree with you DP. The only drawback, Als got something in return as oppose to out right releasing him and the TiCats signing him.

Better off having it happen now then later in the season. Als do not face the TiCats until mid September. They have time to adjust their playbook somewhat.

Lavoie, Lumbala and Messam …There was no room for him. Also he’s from southern Ontario so he would have jumped at an offer from the Ticats or Argos. This way he get’s to keep his salary instead of being lowballed and we get a mid round pick. :thup:

Good luck to the self-proclaimed 'Husker legend'. :lol:

Wasn't it Diedrick's bobble & drop that sent AC into a frenzy during the last game? Given the Als' depth at his position and given that performance, I am not surprised at the outcome.

Too bad we couldn't throw "Eric" in the deal.

If we threw in Deslauriers, they probably wouldn't have given us the 4th round pick. :wink:


you nailed it. to add onto your thought Bomben has become a very good as a second TE in two TE sets.
even a step further if they ever need to run the I formation near the Goaline Kuale served the up back position very well in Toronto last year as a lead blocker so Lavoi and Bomben could stay at TE.
I wonder with Bomben being a back up line man if giving him a receiver number in the 70's may be something that the Als do so he does not have to check in and out every time he comes in at TE.

Je crois que si les Alouettes n'avaient plus de plans pour Diedrick, il était mieux d'avoir quelque chose en retour de son départ que rien du tout.

À ce stade-ci de la saison, Diedrick a une connaissance limitée de l'attaque des Alouettes. Il en connaît plusieurs jeux, mais comme Miller a l'intention de garnir cette attaque de nouveaux jeux à mesure que la saison va avancer, Diedrick n'en connait pas encore tous les rouages.

De toute façon, les Alouettes ne jouent pas contre les Timinous avant le 21 septembre à Moncton. Sincèrement, je crois que les Timinous auraient eu amplement le temps de décortiquer la nouvelle attaque des Alouettes. En plus, il n'y aura que 2 parties contre les Timinous cette saison, peut-être trois si les deux équipes se revoient en éliminatoires. Il n'y a vraiment pas de quoi y voir une tragédie.

Personnellement, je crois que Diedrick, si sympathique soit-il, a perdu beaucoup de son lustre à l'attaque et que nous pouvions opter pour mettre Lumbala plus souvent sur le terrain pour le remplacer à ce chapitre. Diedrick demeurait un bon élément sur les couvertures de bottés, mais puisque Lumbala peut aussi travailler de ce côté, il était devenu préférable développer le gars de l'avenir plutôt que de rester avec le gars du passé.

Je remercie Diedrick de son jeu et de son implication avec les Alouettes et lui souhaite la meilleure des chances avec les Timinous.

Les Alouettes joueront 3 parties contre les Tiger-Cats,soit:

le 21 septembre 2013 à Moncton.
le 20 octobre 2013 à Montréal.
le 26 octobre 2013 à Guelph.


This is the CFL. The point of the trade is to get SOMETHING for a guy that would likely be released, be a free-agent, and sign anywhere he wants for NOTHING in return. As others have stated, Montreal has a crowded backfield once everyone comes off the injury list; Diedrick would most likely be deemed expendable in terms of roster space.

The 4th-round pick is not worth sending a guy who knows our playbook to a division rival at the very start of the season.

You have to balance that out with respect for a veteran who gave you eight years of loyal service and needs to play. We could not dress him for Thursday's game... Ticats have been trying to acquire him for a while so had he been released he would have been picked up by them anyway. The biggest question for me is will Messam be able to contribute on a regular basis at some point because he's the guy we chose to keep...